Tourism Police in Lima

Tourism Police in Lima and Peru

Policia de Turismo (POLTUR)

The Tourism Police - Policia de Turismo (POLTUR) - was established in 2012 to provide a better service to foreign tourists visiting Peru and needing help or support during their stay.

Next to providing general information they are supposed to ensure the safety and security of foreign tourists, protect them and handle all cases where tourists are involved in any offense or crime (be it as victim or culprit).

So, if you are in trouble of any kind either contact them directly or specifically ask the attending police officers that the Tourism Police is called.

Otherwise, the Tourism Police – also known as Águilas Blancas (White Eagles) – can be found in Lima and whole Peru at places frequented by tourists such as near hotels, museums, city centers, tourist attractions, historical places or archaeological sites, along tourist routes, etc. They patrol on food or by SUV, motorcycle, or quad bike.

In Lima, for example, there is a special tourist police station at the airport which operates 24/7. Additionally, you find among others an office of the Tourism Police in Miraflores inside the local police department on General Vidal 230, or in San Borja on Av. Javier Prado Este 2465 (5th floor), or in the historic city center on Av. España or in Barranco on Av. San Martin block 2 or in Magdalena del Mar on Jr. Moore or in La Punta, Callao on Av. Miguel Grau block 10.

The Tourism Police officers are usually extremely friendly and helpful (even if you just ask for directions) and all speak next to Spanish as well at least English.

Unfortunately, their central phone number 0800 22221 went out of service a few years back and the new published cellphone / WhatsApp number 980 122 335 seems to be quite unreliable / not working. Anyway, now the App “Tourist Police Peru” available for iOS and Android is promoted which you should be able to download from the App stores. With the App you can request the support of the Tourism Police if you find yourself in a situation where you need help and support.

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