Postal - Zip Codes for Lima & Callao

Postal - Zip Codes for Lima & CallaoPostal - Zip Codes for Lima & Callao
The Old and New System

At the end of February 2011 a new zip code system for whole Peru was introduced. While in the past only Lima and Callao had zip codes, now all cities and smaller settlements in the country are included in the new system. The new zip codes have 5 digits; the ones for Lima start with a 15, for Callao with 07. As the zip codes in Lima and Callao are no longer linked to the district, a search on the website of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MTC) is unavoidable.

Unfortunately the website of the MTC frequently doesn't work and the link to the postal codes changes also permanently. For that reason we do not have a direct link to this information, but you might it under their website under "codigos postales".

However we managed to get the latest maps for the new postal codes in Lima & Callao (have a look at PDF Documents section at the end of this article).

Up to now we personally still continue using the very simple previous postal codes for all our correspondence without any problems. Due to all this confusion we recommend sticking to the old codes and we update this information as soon the change has been implemented!

Postal Codes (ZIP) Lima & Callao

 District  Province  Old Postal Code  New Postal Code 
AnconLimaLima 2see PDF 151
Ate-VitarteLimaLima 3see PDF 155
BarrancoLimaLima 4see PDF 150
BellavistaCallaoCallao 2see PDF 070
BreñaLimaLima 5see PDF 150
Callao City CenterCallaoCallao 1see PDF 070
CarabaylloLimaLima 6see PDF 154
Carmen de la LeguaCallaoCallao 3see PDF 070
ChaclacayoLimaLima 8see PDF 155
ChorrillosLimaLima 9see PDF 150
CieneguillaLimaLima 40see PDF 155
ComasLimaLima 7see PDF 154
El AgustinoLimaLima 10see PDF 150
IndependenciaLimaLima 28see PDF 154
Jesús MaríaLimaLima 11see PDF 150
La MolinaLimaLima 12see PDF 151
La PerlaCallaoCallao 4see PDF 070
La PuntaCallaoCallao 5see PDF 070
La VictoriaLimaLima 13see PDF 150
Lima City CenterLimaLima 1see PDF 150
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PDF Documents with the new Postal Codes for Lima & Callao

General Info

Info: Ministry of Transport and Communication - Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones


#Dale Erwin2016-02-03 18:44
I came across these new codes on the internet a couple of years ago, but at the post office where I live (Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Peru) they don't know anything about them. This system was never put into effect.
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#Fernando2016-04-03 08:26 will help everybody
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