DHL - Courier Service in Lima

DHL - Courier Service in LimaDHL - Courier Service in Lima
Courier & Mail Services in Lima

DHL - Courier Service in Lima

DHL has many agencies in Lima (below a small selection of the bigger DHL agencies). A complete list of all agencies in Lima and Peru can be found on their website under "Find a DHL Service Point Location" ("Buscar un Punto de Servicio DHL").

  • Barranco, Av. Grau 424-B
  • Lima, Av. Nicolas Piérola 810
  • Miraflores, Av. Pardo 620
  • San Isidro, Las Begonias 514
  • Sucro, Av. Benavides 5187

General Info

Street: Calle 1 (Alamos)
Info: Main Distribution Center
District: Callao
City: Callao
Region: Callao
Phone: (+511) 517-2500

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: See their listing of agencies for individual opening hours

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