Markets (Mercados) in Lima

Markets in Lima

Visiting a market in a foreign country is always a fascinating experience. While strolling around you learn so much about the local lifestyle and customs that no book, no museum and no tourist attraction can teach you. Lima's markets are no exception. Every neighborhood has its own bigger or smaller fruit and veggie market, where you also find fresh meat, poultry and fish. And within or around the actual marketplace you additionally can buy all your groceries needed for preparing a delicious dish, have a simple lunch and get among many other things for example household items. When entering a market hall in Lima you might be overwhelmed by the various colors, smells and tumult around you. Vendors offer their products enthusiastically while customers argue about prices and freely taste before buying.

Stunning on Lima markets is the great variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs from all over the country reflecting the rich biodiversity of Peru. Most merchants are very friendly and more than happy to explain the origin of for you unknown fruits or veggies and their preparation. In the last few years Limeños and expats living here got more conscious when buying food. To meet the growing demand for bio food not only numerous shops selling organic produce, but also so called 'Bioferias', organic food markets, opened their doors in Lima. Saturdays in the morning you get organically farmed and absolutely natural products from around Peru on the Bioferia in Miraflores and La Molina.

So why not choose a local market for your next shopping in Lima instead of the supermarket you have at home as well? An experience you shouldn't miss.

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Lima's Gastronomic Fair "Mistura"

Mistura is an annual gastronomic fair that takes place in Lima every year during the second week of September in which many restaurants, farmers and producers from different parts of the country get together to offer a sample of all Peruvian cuisine. It also receives the support of popular Peruvian chefs and celebrities who are present throughout the event and serve as hosts. The first host of the event was Gastón Acurio, who is also the founder of APEGA (The Peruvian Gastronomic Society). He is one of the most recognized Peruvian chefs and owns several restaurants as well as businesses, all of which are in the food industry and have the mission to take Peruvian cuisine to a higher international standard.

Mercado Central

The Mercado Central occupies a whole block and stretches along a wide area. Here you can buy just about anything. Inside the main building you find the food market with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat from rabbit to guinea pig to whole pigs, fish and seafood, groceries of all kinds and little food stands where 'Mamá or 'Jefe' cooks a simple, but fresh and delicious menu for a few Soles.

Mercado Surquillo No.1

Located in the district of Surquillo, the Surquillo market is just a few blocks from Parque Kennedy in Miraflores. The mercado in Surquillo is an enormous, genuine and bustling place where locals do their everyday shopping. It offers great quality food for amazingly low prices. A wide range of fresh Peruvian fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, fish, seafood and even harder to find ingredients await you.

Bioferia Miraflores

Opened for the first time in December 1999 the Bioferia Miraflores is a small street market organized by local organic farmers and environmental organizations. Next to a wide selection of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, vendors at the Bioferia in Miraflores offer an assortment of natural breads, goodies, vegetarian snacks, jams, eggs, cow and goat milk products including cheese, and Peruvian coffee.

Bioferia Surco

In 2009 the Municipality of Surco and the Network of Organic Farming of Peru opened a new farmers market in the district of Surco where locals offered a wide variety of products grown and processed without any fertilizers and chemicals. But already two years later the Bioferia Surco moved to a new location in La Molina and converted into the Mercado Saludable de La Molina.

Mercado Saludable La Molina

The Salutary Market of La Molina was opened in 2011 on initiative of local organic farmers and quickly developed into the place in the area to buy fresh, organic and healthy products. Next to a wide range of fresh unprocessed fruits and veggies, the Mercado Saludable de La Molina offers as well other organic products like honey, jams, eggs, poultry, dairy products, bread and cookies, coffee and wine.

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