Arts, Crafts & Souvenir Shopping in Lima

Arts, Crafts & Souvenirs in Lima

It's common practice buying some typical crafts and souvenirs when visiting a foreign country. Peru has a rich diversity of artisan craftworks and you surely find something that will remind you of your amazing time here. If you don't want to drag around local bought souvenirs during your whole trip, Lima is a great place to find arts and crafts from around the country. While some of the pieces you find are truly unique examples of Peruvian craftsmanship, others are mass produced especially for tourists.

While wandering around the historic city center, but as well Miraflores and Barranco you surely will come across some nice little shops selling beautiful handicrafts and nice clothing made of Peru's famous alpaca.

A huge selection with hundreds of little stores can be found at the Artisan markets in Miraflores and San Miguel.

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Artisan Markets Miraflores

Just one block from the big roundabout in Miraflores you find Av. Petit Thouars. On block 52 to 55 are many artisan markets selling nearly everything what Peruvian craftsmanship has to offer. You get the typical souvenirs, nice artisan craftworks, beautiful silver jewelry and other silverware, clothes made of Peru's famous alpaca, funny T-Shirts, pottery, paintings, wooden pieces, and much more from all over Peru.

Arts & Crafts Fair Pueblo Libre

The artisan markets along Av. La Marina are less touristy than the markets in Miraflores and less convenient located. Anyhow even if the area suffered from the growing markets in Miraflores you can still find the one or other "mercado" selling a good variety of handicrafts from all over Peru. The two bigger markets are Tesoros del Inka on Av. La Marina block 7 and the Gran Mercado Inka on block 8.

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