Chips Andinas (Chips Nativas)

Chips Andinas (Chips Nativas)Chips Andinas (Chips Nativas)
Chips made from native Andean potatoes

Chips Andinas (Chips Nativas)
Chips Andinas (Chips Nativas)

A few years back the Peruvian International Potato Center had the idea to promote native potatoes by using them to make colorful chips. At the same time this endeavor had a good side effect: providing a new income source for local agricultural communities in the Peruvian high Andes. Equally important, this project preserves part of the Peruvian biodiversity and culture.

Once in the shelves of big supermarket chains in Lima and other Peruvian cities, chips made of Papas Nativas, Papas Andinas or even Camote soon gained enormous popularity among local shoppers and today are even exported.

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