Sanguche de Chicharron

Sanguche de ChicharronSanguche de Chicharron
Chicharron Sandwich

Sanguche de Chicharron
Sanguche de Chicharron

The Chicharrón Sandwich is Lima's number one sanguche. Chicharrón, chunks of fried pork shoulder or pork belly boiled in a flavorful broth accompanied with camote is a popular breakfast treat. Even though the Chicharrón Sandwich is as well a favored breakfast food it's eaten all day long.

The Chicharrón Sandwich combines thick slices of tender and juicy meat with Peru's most important salsa, the Salsa Criolla. These are stacked in between a crispy French roll and rounded off with slices of sweet potato making the Sanguche de Chicharrón the most typical combination of Peruvian flavors you ever tasted before in a simple sandwich. Absolutely delicious!

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