Amazon Tomato


Cocona is a tropical citrus fruit native to the Peruvian Amazon region. It's considered to be the "Amazon Tomato" often prepared with aji and mixed with salads. Coconas are in size and shape a little bit like a bell pepper and their colors vary from yellow to red with a taste between a lime and a tomato. Cocona is often used to make sauces accompanying anticuchos or fish soups. Great are also juices, jams and dessert made of this fruit.


#Yvette Gedwellas2014-08-09 12:24
You guys are very informative congrats but in Peruvian fruits you guys forgot to mention la ciruela, el platano de la isla y la maracuya they sjou have been included rather than the noni fruit ! Other than that you guys are doing great
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#Eva - Editor2014-08-09 14:58
Hello Yvette,
thanks for your compliments on LimaEasy. It's always great to get such positive feedback.
Regarding your suggestions for improvements on our fruit section: there we concentrated mainly on fruits native to Peru, not on fruits that can be bought here today. Therefor the ciruela / plum (depending on the exact species native to Europe and Asia), the maracuya (native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay) and the plantains / bananas (probably first domesticated in southeast Asia, Papa New Guinea, later in Africa) aren't mentioned.
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