Egypt Peruvian Embassy in Cairo

Egypt Peruvian Embassy in CairoEgypt Peruvian Embassy in Cairo
Embajada del Perú en la República Árabe de Egipto

Egypt Peruvian Embassy in Cairo
Egypt Peruvian Embassy in Cairo

The Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Egypt is also accredited to Syria, Jordan and the League of Arab States.

General Info

Street: 41 Al-Nahda Street, 2nd floor
Info: Maadi
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Continent: African
Phone: (+202) 2359-0306 or 2359-0406

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: Sun to Thur 09.00 am to 03.00 pm


#Harun Mohammed2014-03-03 01:56
Please .i need to know .how i get a visa to work in Peru.iam from Somalia i leave in Yemen. and i want to know all the documents needs .please thanks .and i hope to reply to me please .this is my phone and my mail..Thank you for your consideration.
Sincerely yours
Harun Mohammed
Mayfa'a, Yemen
Personal contact details have been removed!
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#Eva - Editor2014-03-03 08:37
LimaEasy is a private project; we don't have any affiliation with Peruvian consulates abroad and I think they won't check for messages on our website.
First of all the correct consulate to contact for people living in Yemen should be the general consulate in Dubai. ("") But you can't apply for a work visa abroad, it has to be done in Lima at Migraciones. You enter Peru on a tourist visa and then change your migration status. To be able to apply for a work visa you need a work contact issued by a Peruvian company which has to sponsor the visa. The exact requirements can be found here (""); look under general requirements and under "cambio a trabajador".
Finding a company sponsoring your visa isn't easy. You find more info on this topic on our Discussion Board (",-change-to-work-visa").
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