Los Niños de Tablada en Lurin

Los Niños de Tablada en LurinLos Niños de Tablada en Lurin
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Los Niños de Tablada en Lurin
Los Niños de Tablada en Lurin

Tablada in the district of Lurin is one of the poorest areas on the outskirts of Lima where the problems of rapid population growth and extreme poverty become more than obvious. Lack of food, malnutrition, often missing drinking water, diseases and lack of education deeply affect the development mainly of the children.

Since 1990 the German Catholic Church San Jose together with the Parish of Santa Maria in Tablada in Lurin is involved in a project supporting mainly children affected by malnutrition up to 6 years. Thanks to donations a special medical controlled food program was developed. The children enrolled in the program receive special build-up nutritions appropriate for their ages and needs. Some children recover within a few months others need assistance for years. Anyhow this program gives the children a chance for a better physical and mental condition and for a healthy development.

The Children

The children of the Tablada de Lurin


The refectory of the Tablada de Lurin

Lima Slum

Houses in the area

Living Conditions

Living conditions in the area of the Tablada de Lurin

Tablada de Lurin

Drawing at the Tablada de Lurin

Courses for the children in dancing, music, origami, educational excursions, psychological assistance and education of the parents are part of the program.

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General Info

Street: Av. Dos de Mayo 259
Info: Parish San José
District: Miraflores
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 447-1881

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