1989 - 100000 Intis banknote

1989 - 100000 Intis banknote1989 - 100000 Intis banknote
Old Peruvian Banknotes & Bills - Former Money

1989 - 100000 Intis banknote
1989 - 100000 Intis banknote


Value: 100000 Intis (Collectors Banknote)
Front Image: Francisco Bolognesi
Back Image: Titicaca Lake
Circulation Date: 21st of December 1989
Legal Tender: No
Size: 150 x 75 mm
Color/s: brown, black
Printer: Banco de México


#rico rosel2013-08-30 06:03
i have 3 pcs. cien mil intes 100000 and i want to sell it , but the problem is that im here in the philippines. can u help me out on this .... i need phil. cash.
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#Eva - Editor2013-08-30 10:43
The current currency of Peru (The Nuevo Sol) has been in circulation since 1991. Any old Peruvian banknotes issued before, like Sol de Oro or Intis are no legal tender anymore! You can't exchange them anywhere!

Back in 1991 1,000,000 Intis were exchanged for 1 Nuevo Sol; this means you would have gotten S/. 0.30 (equals today around US$ 0.10) for your 300,000 Intis.

If in impeccable condition your three Intis banknotes might be valuable to a collector. But after a quick Google search I saw that a 100,000 Intis note is sold for just US$ 1 or US$ 2. I fear it's not worth the effort to try and sell them to a collector. So as you see your Intis are except for their sentimental value unfortunately more or less worthless!

I'm sorry!
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#MANISH KUMAR2013-10-01 02:23
Sir I manish kumar from India, and i have a note of 100000 cien mil intis of Peru, i want to know that, what will be actual value of that for ency money in India.
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#Eva - Editor2013-10-01 08:01
Have a look at the comment below. Intis are no legal tender anymore in Peru and they can't be exchanged anywhere. If your note is in pristine condition it may have a value for a collector. But at the moment these bills are sold for a few US Dollars.
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