The Lima Weather Station

The Lima Weather Station The Lima Weather Station
Current Weather Conditions in Lima, Peru

The Lima Weather Station

Since November 2010, LimaEasy operates a Meteorological Station (Weather Station) in Lima. As the city is famous for its micro-climates with completely different conditions between the inner and outer districts the weather data mostly available at the moment can be very misleading as it only represents an average for an area of more than 2700 km2. The weather information on this page is specifically for the commonly visited inner districts of Lima, as we have positioned our Station centrally between Miraflores and Santiago de Surco. The information on this page is updated every 60 seconds.


To change the units of the displayed values to °F, mph, kts, in, ft... click on the "Units" button. By clicking on "Fullscreen" the view of the weather data will expand over the whole display (To exit the Fullscreen mode click on "ESC" or "Fullscreen".

The Weather and Climate in Lima

The Weather and Climate in Lima

National Service for Meteorology and Hydrology

National Service for Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Guest (Nolan Perreira)

    I will be in Pitajaya, a small village near Samne, La Libertad,Peru with a group installing a potable water system. It wold be useful to know the frequencies for the police radio, emergency services, and weather radio. If I have these frequencies, i will bring an emergency 2-way radio with us on the trip, during August and September. do you have any information/suggestions? The area is geneally out of cell phone contact.

  • Hi Nolan,

    The radio frequencies for the police and emergency services (fire departments) in Peru are not publicly available and we won’t be able to publish them. Even if you somehow would get your “hands on” the radio frequencies it would not be very helpful as there is no central system. Every region/city has their own networks and there is no central system. There are even communication problems between the different emergency services.

    To bring any transmitting devices (like 2-way radios, remote control systems…) into the country, you need to get previous approval by the MTC (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones – Ministry of Transport & Communications). If you cannot supply a permit the equipment’s will be seized upon arrival by customs.

    If there is no phone coverage in the area you are going, the best solution will be to bring a satellite phone with you!

    (* See part 2 of the reply below *)

  • In reply to: LimaEasy

    The national weather service in Peru (Senamhi) publishes all the information (weather, climate, water, agriculture…) online only (website: and there is no “weather radio” service in the country.

  • Is there somebody I could talk to about the technical details of the weather station?

    I'll me moving from Spain to Peru later this year and will be based in Lima but working with a project in Tingo Maria - part of which will incorporate a weather station.


  • I am one of the founders of LimaEasy and also installed the weather station (hardware & software) we are using in Lima to publish the data on this page. I have sent you an email (to the account you registered with us), so you can let me know what information is needed or what specs you require!

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