The Lima International Airport - Jorge Chávez

The Lima International Airport - Jorge ChávezThe Lima International Airport - Jorge Chávez
Aeropuerto Internacional de Lima Jorge Chávez

The Lima International Airport - Jorge Chávez

General Information

The Jorge Chávez International Airport is located in Callao about 10 km (6 miles) from Lima's City Center. The airport is named after the Peruvian aviation icon Jorge Chávez Dartnell and definitely one of the most modern ones in Latin America. It was privatized in 2001 and is now managed by Lima Airport Partners (LAP), a joint venture of Alterra Lima Holdings Ltd. and Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide. The airport replaced 1960 the old airport in San Isidro called Limatambo.

In the year 2001, the Peruvian Government has granted LAP a 30 year concession for the operation and expansion of the airport. Since then major construction and modernization works have brought the airport to a complete new level. After 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Jorge Chávez International Airport was awarded for the sixth time in a row with the title "Best Airport in South America 2014" by Skytrax World Airports Awards. Additionally the airport was awarded by Skytrax with the "Best South American Airport Staff 2013" Award and received the World Travel Award "South American Leading Airport 2013".

Now it serves as a hub for many aviation companies with 38 international and 19 domestic destinations. The Lima Airport managed 6,901,988 national and 6,428,302 international arriving/departing passengers in the year 2012. The cargo section handled 293,675.01 metric tons of airfreight in 2012.

Lima Airport Maps - Terminal & Infrastructure

The below plans and maps of the Lima International Airport should give you a good idea about the available infrastructure at the Airport Terminal.

Map of the first floor of the Lima International Airport

Map of the first floor of the Lima International Airport

Map of the second floor of the Lima International Airport

Map of the second floor of the Lima International Airport

Current Flight Information - Lima International Airport (National & International)

The below available flight information for national and international flights is offered as prepared and provided by the airlines. It is recommended to confirm flight arrival and departure information directly with the airlines in a timely manner as it might vary at any time. Please click on the images to open a window with the actual flight information.

international-arrivalsInternational Departures - Lima AirportNational Arrivals - Lima AirportNational Departures - Lima Airport

Arriving at the Lima International Airport 

Compared to the big and sometimes confusing airports in North America and Europe, Jorge Chavez Airport is quite small, neatly arranged and well organized. Already shortly before landing the stewardesses on your plain will hand you two forms to fill out. The first one is the "Tarjeta Andina de Migracion" (TAM). This Andean Migration Card is available in pdfSpanish and pdfEnglish. Fill out your personal data and after disembarking hand it together with your passport to the immigration officer at the immigration control. If you are not obliged to apply for a visa at a Peruvian consulate in your home country before entering Peru, make sure you get the amount of days on your tourist visa at immigration you need.

Since July 2008 it's no longer possible to extent your tourist visa once you are in Peru. Detailed information on Peruvian visa and regulations can be found here

The upper part of the TAM stays with immigrations, the low part is handed back to you. Take good care of the card as you need it when leaving the country. If you lose your TAM, Peru's Immigration Office in Breña can issue a duplicate. Alternately, you can pay a fee for the loss of the TAM card when you are leaving Peru (see Departing from the Lima International Airport below for more details).

The second form is the Baggage Declaration Form (Declaracion Jurada de Equipaje). The pdfform is in Spanish and English. Only one form per family has to be filled out. After immigration and picking up your luggage you have to hand it over to the custom officals. All items you can bring into Peru duty-free can be found here. The last hurdle to leave the customs area is the luggage control. After your luggage has passed through the scanner without any observations you can leave.

Lima Airport

First glance at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima

Lima Airport

Arriving at Lima Airport

Lima Airport

Baggage Conveyor Belts at Lima Airport

Jorge Chavez International Airport Lima

Crowded Waiting Hall of the International Arrivals at Lima's Airport in the late evening

Customer Service at Lima Airport

Customer Service at Lima Airport

Getting from the Airport to Town

Taxis at the Lima International Airport (Prices, Pick-up & Security)

When coming out of the customs area, you get greeted by a large mass of people. Many taxi drivers will immediately see you as potential fares. The whole experience can be very disturbing, especially after a long flight. The airport authorities and we as well highly recommend using one of the taxi service companies registered at the airport like Taxi CMV (Taxi Remisse Ejecutivo), Taxi Mitsu Remisse and Taxis Verdes (Green Taxi). These companies have little desks in the exit area. When leaving the customs baggage area there will be two doors you can choose to exit through. If you exit through the door on the left then turn right once you go through to get to the desks. If you pick the door on the right then once you go through the door, the desks are right in front of you. There you have a variety of taxis that are safe. They might be a bit pricier but it is worth it, especially arriving with luggage and having documents like your passport with you.

There are a lot of thieves pretending to be taxis at the airport who rob both Peruvians and tourists. It is also common that they will pick their victim at the airport and then follow the taxi they have chosen, break the window and rob them. So be on the safe side and use a safe taxi. For more information on which taxis are safe and which are not, please check out the Getting Around with Taxis in Lima article.

Pre-arrange a pick-up with the Hotel or Hostel you're staying at! They will be waiting for you at the arrival directly at the exit of the customs area.

The price for one of these registered taxis is about US$ 20 (to Miraflores). The good thing, these taxis have fixed prices and you find them printed on a big board next to the desk. Prices for their service vary depending on the district you want to go and the size of the vehicle (car or van). So no bargaining about the price with the driver, just have a look at the board and you know what you have to pay. Of course the fee for a registered airport taxi is higher than one would normally pay for a ride in Peru. When leaving the airport area you are able to get a cab for around S/. 15 to S/. 25, less than half the price, but this is not advisable, especially not at night and with lots of luggage! In our opinion it might be better to pay the high price (for Peruvian standards...), get out of the airport hassle free and safe to your accomodation. If you are on a low budget, it is worth checking another option outside the airport: A bus ride – one of the big green ones – will take you to Miraflores for less than 50 Cents (US$). Use your common sense to make the suitable decision for yourself.

Lima Airport

Warning at Lima's Airport - Consider it!

Taxi Service at Limas Airport

Taxi Service at Lima's Airport

Lima's Airport

Especially in the evening, when many flights arrive, it's getting crowded at the waiting hall of the international arrivals at Lima's Airport. Drivers holding signs with names of clients, who booked their fare to town with their hotel in advance, are waiting directly at the exit. Here you find as well a huge sign of Green Taxi with fixed prices for their service. Have a look before you are scammed.

Traffic in Lima

Traffic in Lima

Lima Airport Car Rental

Car Rental at Jorge Chavez International Airport

Rental Cars at the Lima International Airport

Three major car rental companies have their counters in the airport and will provide a known standard (Budget, Hertz and Dollar Rent a Car). We strongly advice against renting a car and drive it, at least when you're not familiar with the traffic in Lima and its own rules. Driving in Peru and especially in Lima is quite different from what you are used to. You can get around Lima easily and cheaply by taxi without having to stand your ground and compete against other reckless drivers that seem not to follow any of the traffic rules you know from home. After a long and tiring flight, probably without knowing where exactly you have to go, Lima's traffic is more than a challenge even for experienced drivers.

Getting from the Town to Airport 


Getting to the airport from the city can go fast but it can also be a real nightmare. At rush hour the traffic towards the airport can be really horrible. Rush hours generally occur during the morning (8-10 AM) and the afternoon (5-9 PM) and you should make sure that you leave for the airport early. Normally from Miraflores it will take around 50 minutes to get to the airport - with traffic it can take more than double that time. Also it is not recommended to take a taxi from the street. It is better to call for a “safe taxi”. A good option is Taxi Satelital (phone number 3555555). The taxi drivers usually don’t speak English so it’s best to ask the hotel staff to call you a taxi. Sometimes the hotels have their own taxi services or work with certain taxi companies. It may cost a bit more to have your hotel or hostel book a taxi but better to be on the safe side.

Departing from the Lima International Airport 

Jorge Chavez Airport is compared to other big airports in North America and Europe quite small, neatly arranged and well organized. You only have one terminal and ways are relatively short. All signs are in Spanish and English, most of the airport personal is bilingual. For international flights the Airport authority recommends arriving 3 hours ahead of departure time, for national flights it's advised to check in 2 hours before your flight leaves. The check-in area for national and international flights is in the middle of the terminal. To enter the area you have to have your passport and ticket on hand. After check-in best spend your remaining time in the second level at Peru Plaza where you find all amenities, because as soon as you passed the security check (as well on the second floor) diversion is limited.

If you don’t have a flight ticket you cannot enter the check-in area of the terminal, but you can enter on both ends of the airport and wait for friends/family that are travelling. Anyone can go up to the second level of the airport where the food court is located as well as stores such as The Britt Shop (souvenirs), Serpost (the Post Office), Kuna (a store that sells alpaca products) and a pharmacy. On the second level you will find the security control which is both for domestic and international flights. When you have passed through the security control the passengers travelling with a domestic flight will turn left and the ones that are travelling with an international flight will turn right. Make sure you have at least one hour to pass through the security control and in case you don’t have all your papers in order. For example if you have lost your TAM card, you should arrive two hours before your flight leaves.

If you have lost your TAM card and did not get a replacement elsewhere in Peru, you will have to pay a fee of 1 US Dollar per day you have stayed in the country. You will pay the fee after passing through the security check at the airport. There you arrive at customs and that is where you hand in the TAM card. Only the desk farthest to the left handles the cases where the TAM card has been lost. So to not waste time, go directly to that desk. Normally there is only one person working at this desk and quite a lot of people waiting so make sure that you are there early. Also, they only accept cash (!) and it should be in US dollars. There are ATMs on the airport’s second level before entering the security control where you can withdraw cash.

Airport Tax - Departure Tax at the Lima Airport 2012 (TUUA Fee)

All bookings made from the beginning of the 1st of October 2010 and all departures from the 1st of January 2011 already include the Airport Departure Tax (TUUA) for international and national flights. Some visitors unfortunately reported that the one or other local travel agency "forgot" to include the TUUA when booking national flights. In this rare case you still can pay at the airport before the security check. The tariffs for 2012 are US$ 30.74 for international and US$ 8.72 for domestic flights.


The fight against narcotics in Peru has resulted in an extraordinary 70% reduction since 1995 in the area of illegal cultivation. The impact of this illicit industry to the national economy is difficult to measure, but estimates range from $300 - $600 million. An estimated 200,000 Peruvians are engaged in the production, refining or distribution of narcotics. Many foreigners who tried to make quick money with trafficking drugs are currently experiencing Peru from a complete different perspective (sentences are very high and no special treatment if you are from abroad). The security and safety standards of the airport are very high, so just don't bother trying it. On a weekly base the local newspapers report about seizures and arrests of foreigners at the airport in Lima.

Please note that the coca caramels sold in supermarkets are considered drugs in many countries. The caramel doesn’t contain any drugs but it does contain the coca leaf which in many countries is considered a drug and therefore carrying the coca caramels with you can be seen as taking drugs into the country. The same goes for plant potions such as San Pedro and Ayahuasca. Make sure you know the law for your country and the countries you will pass through when travelling.

Cultural Goods - Verification

It's obvious that you are not allowed to leave Peru with any original artefacts. If you bought replicas, specialized personnel of the Ministry of Culture are responsible for issuing the appropriate certificates for replicas of Peruvian cultural items.

A certificate is very important to authenticate the item as a replica when it passes through other airports. If an item is deemed authentic, seizure will be ordered.

Traveling with Pets

The National Agricultural Health Service (SENASA) is the state entity in charge of authorizing "imports" and "exports" of pets from or to other countries. Passengers should get in contact with the nearest Peruvian embassy or consulate to inquire all necessary requirements to enter Peru with an animal. The easiest way to get your pet into Peru surely is sending it with you as accompanied luggage. When using the cargo option expect a time consuming process with lots of paper work and running around involved. To leave the country with pets, it is necessary to make a payment at the Banco de la Nación (National Bank), to present vaccination and health certificates, and to complete an inspection at the SENASA offices, located at the northern side of the airport terminal. Please inquire the latest requirements at SENASA. 


The National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA) is a public organization of the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for the use of renewable natural resources and the sustainable management of rural environments and wildlife bio diversity. INRENA is also the entity in charge of issuing authorizations, including export, re-export, import permits and permits for the internal transport of wild fauna.

Dangerous Items

As on every airport nowadays passengers are not allowed to carry the following items in their carry-on baggage: Cutting instruments of any type and size, Firearms or any imitation of firearms or any item considered dangerous for flight in the aircraft cabin, in compliance with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Services at Lima International Airport

Left Luggage (Luggage Storage, Lockers & Facilities)

The left luggage (luggage storage) at the Lima International Airport is located in the domestic arrivals area. It is opened 24 hours and costs S/. 24.00 (Peruvian Soles) per day (24 hours) and S/. 4.00 per hour and piece of luggage. Big items (like surf boards) set you back with S/. 8.00 per hour. The service has to be paid in cash (no credit cards are accepted for this service), but payment can be made in US$ or Peruvian Soles.

Left Luggage Price per piece:  S/. 4.00 per hour - S/. 24.00 per day

Additionally you have the option to store smaller luggage pieces in lockers. A locker costs S/. 38 per day (24 hours) or S/. 8 per hour for all you can fit in. The dimensions of the lockers are 45 cm (wide) x 60 cm (long) x 75 cm (high).

Left Luggage Price in a locker: S/. 8.00 per hour - S/. 38.00 per day

Please note that discounts are offered for the storage of lots of luggage or for the storage for an expanded period of time. For more information please ask at the counter of the Left Luggage directly at the airport, call under (+511) 517 - 3217 or send an e-mail to [email protected].  

ATM at Lima's Airport

One of the numerous ATM's at Jorge Chavez Airport

Money Exchange at Lima's Airport

You can exchange money either on the ground floor in the waiting area of the international arrivals or on the 2nd floor at Interbank. Please keep in mind that the exchange offices at the airport have the worst exchange rate in Lima. Better draw local cash from an ATM or only change the absolute minimum.

Peru Plaza at Lima's Airport

On the second floor of the airport you find Peru Plaza which gives you ample possibilities to do your last minute shopping in Peru.

Shopping at Lima's Airport

Various shops on the 2nd floor of Lima's airport offer a wide range of national and international products. 

Shopping at Jorge Chavez International Airport

From T-Shirts with Peruvian motifs and alpaca clothing to silver, gold and souvenirs you find a huge variety of Peruvian products at the shopping area on the 2nd floor.

Changing Money

You can change money at the small booth of Interbank located in the international arrivals area on the first floor. A branch of Interbank can be found on the second level. As the exchange rate at the airport is more than miserable we recommend better using one of the numerous ATMs spread around the airport to withdraw local cash. If you prefer to exchange at the airport only change the absolute minimun to get to town. There rates are much better.

At all ATMs at the airport and most in town you can change the language from Spanish to English, sometimes even German and French. So you won't need help from anyone. Consider the universally known precautions when using an ATM.

Duty Free Shopping

The Lima Airport has as any other international airport duty free shopping possibilities to make tax-free purchases, before or after traveling. Shoppers will find a wide selection of perfumes, toys, liquors, cigarettes, alpaca clothing, leather, gold and silver jewelry.

Peru Plaza Shopping Area

The shopping area called Peru Plaza in the second floor of the Lima Airport, just before the security check, offers you the possibility to purchase a wide selection of domestic and international products or to get something to eat at one of the well-known fast food vendors. Shoppers can find here many popular items made in the country: silver and gold jewelry, alpaca clothing, leather, T-shirts in modern printed fabrics with Peruvian motifs, a variety of Peruvian handicrafts, popular goodies (truffles, toffees, chocolates, cream custard, caramel, Peruvian coffee, among others). Also international products like: perfumes, fine jewelry, women's accessories and useful items for travelers. This area is open to the public. Once you have passed the security check, shopping possibilities are limited to the duty free and basic supplies (cafe, sandwiches...).

Postal Services

A branch of Serpost, Peru's postal service, is located on the second floor between Peru Plaza and the airline offices. 

Medical Services

Emergency medical services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The infirmary is located in the national arrivals area. Further information is available at the Customer Care counters in the international arrivals area on the first level, and also at Peru Plaza, on the second level.


At the airport you have the possibility to either rent a local cellphone which is rather expensive, buy a local chip for around US$ 6 or 7 when your own cell is unlocked or buy a cheap cellphone for more or less US$ 25. You can find the local cellphone companies at the international arrival or at Peru Plaza both on the second level.

Lima Airport

Lima Airport by night

Chapel Lima Airport

Small Chapel on the second floor of Lima's Airport

Lima Airport Hotel

Airport Hotel located just opposite the International Arrival Exit. You can reach the hotel as well from the second floor of the airport.

Parking at Lima Airport

Parking at Lima Airport

Airport at night

Lima's airport at night

Parking at the Lima Airport

The airport parking lot is operated by Los Portales Estacionamientos SAC and is located across the main building of the airport. Long-term parking is located to the right of the parking lot entrance and costs 35.00 Nuevos Soles for every 24 hours (VISA, MasterCard and Diners are only accepted as payment for long-term parking). The short term parking cost is 4.50 Nuevos Soles per hour (2012).

Videos of Airport Procedures – Arrival & Departure

Below two short videos about the procedures when arriving and departing from the Lima International Airport. Note: There has been a change in the arrival procedure - You do not have to press the button for the luggage control anymore as all pieces are passing through the scanner.

Airport Hotel Costa Del Sol Ramada Lima

Airport Hotel Costa Del Sol Ramada Lima

General Info

Street: Av. Elmer Faucett
District: Callao
City: Callao
Region: Callao
Phone: (+511) 517-3100


#Guest2013-06-13 15:06
Thank you for such comprehensive information! One of the best I have come across so far for any country/airport :)
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#vikas naresh2013-06-20 05:31
the best and holistic information about the city of Lima.. very helpful.
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#tg maguire2013-07-10 15:25
I found the Lima airport to be an awful experience. It made me never want to return to Peru. Had to stand in line for 3 hours to check myself and my bag in.There is no bathroom in that area. To find one you have to go outside the secure area, then reenter thru security by going outside around the building.
The system is awful. It takes 10 minutes per person when you get to the counter..get a luggage tag, reconfirm, answer security questions. Looks like half the ticket employees were chatting with each other. No one gives you any information as you stand in line.
Our plane took off at 5AM and not 11PM. Spent the night in the airport. All the info board said was flight delayed. Only heard rumors that the take off was at 5AM.

The worst, most ridiculous part, is that your security check happens as you entered the plane.(not as you enter the gate area) You cannot even take a bottle of water with you. No one prepares you for that! The system needs to be revised.
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#Eva - Editor2013-07-11 12:49
I'm really sorry what happened to you at Lima's airport. For the past years Jorge Chavez International Airport was awarded "Best Airport in Latin America" numerous times and in my opinion for good reason. It's a rather small and easy to navigate airport which fulfills international standards. But even then things like you experience happen.

To me it seems that most your problems and inconveniences where caused by the airline and not the airport (flight delayed, queuing at check-in, no information,...) . So probably it would be better to write a comment on our page dedicated to international airlines.

To avoid that others feel as uncomfortable as you: the toilets are located to the right and left from the secure check-in area which isn't really huge. And you don't have to leave the building to reach them. On the sides you can leave an re-enter the secure check-in area without a problem.
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#Guest2013-07-14 10:48
I'm afraid I have agree that my Lima airport experience was awful. In fact, it was the worst during my entire trip to South America, an irony considering it's supposed to be the best. After checking in, we spent most of the extra time at the second level at Peru Plaza as suggested, before proceeding to the security check. However, the security check was an extremely long line for the international departures, and just when we got through it and thought the worst was over, nooo.. there was another long, snaking line for the immigration counters. We spent one entire hour from the security check to clearing the immigration, and I don't think ours was even the peak-peak period. Many queuing up for the immigration counters were rushing for flights that were supposed to depart very soon, but even when this was highlighted to the officials, they didn't seem to care or do anything much - probably because almost everyone was in the same plight. Needless to say, our flight didn't leave on time
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2013-07-21 13:31
Yes, sometimes it gets crowded at Lima's airport and lines can be long. Queuing is unfortunately like on many other airports around the world a very common occurrence. And being the award winner of "Best Airport in South America 2013" and "Best South American Airport Staff 2013" by Skytrax, just yesterday Jorge Chavez International Airport was awarded with the World Travel Awards "South America's Leading Airport 2013".
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#Guest2013-08-31 22:17
In early October 2013, I will be arriving from the US to Lima airport landing at 10:05 pm. How long will it take me to pick up my bags and clear immigration? What time should I tell my hotel to meet me? How can I pleasantly convince the immigration officer to give me a visa for 183 days at 10:30 pm after a long day of work and travel? thanks for your reply.
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#Eva - Editor2013-09-01 12:51
Honestly in Peru it's impossible to put a time stamp on things. At around 10.00pm Lima's airport is quite busy; clearing immigration, getting your luggage and going through customs can take anything between 30min (if your are very, very lucky) and 60 min to even 90 min. It depends how long the lines at immigration are, how quick your bags are on the belt (it sometimes takes ages) and how quick people get their luggage through the newly installed x-ray machines at customs.

If you book a pick-up with your hotel telling them on which flight you are coming in, they will be there on time, waiting for you at the international arrivals area with a sign with your name on it.

Getting the full 183 days shouldn't be a problem. just friendly ask the immigration officer directly for it, probably adding that Peru is so big, the people so friendly, the food so good, there is so much to see, ...
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#Caterina Montesano2013-10-02 08:32
Hi, are we allowed to have trekking poles in our carry-on bags?

Thank you
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#Eva - Editor2013-10-02 09:20
Best get in contact with the airline and ask about their policy
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#Caterina Montesano2013-10-03 11:31
Hi, please advise on the ANDEAN MIGRATION CARD.
When they ask # 13 DIRECCION - do they mean Cuzco or must we also mention Arequipa and Puno?
#14 MEANS OF TRANSPORT - we will use air and trains, should we mention air and type of trains?
#15 NAME OF CARRIER - do they mean Carrier from LIMA to CUZCO or from MIAMI to LIMA?
I am so sorry but I am a bit confused as to what they want to know.
Thank you so much.
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#Eva - Editor2013-10-03 18:24
Yes, Peruvian bureaucracy can be confusing. But don't worry about it. In case the immigration officer doesn't like what you fill out, he will point it out and you can change it. As space is very limited on the TAM, make it easy. Check what applies (Private, Hotel, Guesthouse) and just add for example Cuzco. You enter the country by air, so check air and below the name of the carrier you are flying with.
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#Franklin2013-10-05 10:38
I will be arriving in Lima by American airlines and then transferring to LAN airlines for a flight to Arequipa. From reading the comments I am becoming a little worried that I may not have time for the flight transfer.
Any hints or suggestions to ease my trip?
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#Eva - Editor2013-10-05 15:12
How much time do you have? Is your flight US - Lima - Arequipa on one ticket? Or do you have one for US - Lima and another one for Lima - Arequipa?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Franklin2013-10-06 09:47
I will be arriving with American Airlines to Lima at 10:55am and departing to Arequipa at 2:45pm on the same ticket.
Just concerned from reading the queues can be quite long in the Lima airport terminals.
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#Eva - Editor2013-10-06 11:36
Yes queues can be long at Lima Airport, but usually especially in the evenings when lots of international flights come in. In the mornings it's more quiet. If you are worried you could ask AA or your travel agent if it's possible to check through to Arequipa (or at least your luggage); meaning you could stay in transit.

Even though this might not be possible, personally I think you shouldn't have a problem. 3h 50 minutes should be more than enough time. At this time of the day clearing immigration, getting your luggage and going through customs won't take longer than an hour. For national flights it's recommended being at the check-in counter 2 hours before the flight leaves, so you really can make it comfortably.
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#Esther Holanda2013-11-04 11:42
24th October my son, coming from Amsterdam, had a connected flight to Buenos Aires. Since then his Luggage (2 pcs) are missing. KLM convinced us the luggage was delivered to Lima Airport (tracking the luggage labels). Do you have a Phone nr or email address from your lost Luggage department as we still are waiting for any news on his bagage (1,5 weeks now).
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#Eva - Editor2013-11-04 12:39
On the KLM website under "Delayed, lost or damaged baggage ("")" you find very good information on this topic. There you can trace delayed luggage or send an e-mail directly to their customer care. Have the Property Irregularity Report with the file reference number on hand. You can also call their customer support here in Lima under (+511) 213-0200, option 4.
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#Esther Holanda2013-11-04 13:54
Dear Eva, thanks for your answer. Do you have a Phone nr of lost Luggage at the Lima Airport as KLM convinced us they had delivered the Luggage to Lima. During transfer the Luggage seems to be dissapeared. SO, please give me the Phone nr of your Lost Luggage dept of the airport. tx
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#Eva - Editor2013-11-04 15:14
We from LimaEasy don't have a lost luggage at the airport and KLM like most other airlines don't publish their phone numbers at the airport. They all have central customer service numbers. So your best option is to call the customer support number of KLM here in Lima (+511) 213-0200, option 4. Another option, not sure if it works, call the airport under (+511) 517-3100 and see if someone can put you through to the KLM office.
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#Shiny2013-12-15 08:15
Hi Eva,
Thank you for all the info in the comments above.
I will be transiting thru Lima airport on my travels to Bolivia. I do not have peruvian visa, but, I don't plan to get out of the airport. Is that going to be ok?
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#Eva - Editor2013-12-15 09:44
Hello Shiny,
actually it depends. If you are from a country Peru asks to apply for a tourist visa, than you as well have to get a transfer visit. So what nationality are you???
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#KZ2013-12-30 19:51
We are arriving at 11:20pm from the U.S. and departing on a Star Peru flight to Cusco at 6:50 am the following morning. I'm assuming that people in these situations are allowed to stay in the airport overnight. Is that possible and what should we expect when we arrive? Is the airport staffed at all hours so we can exit and then re-enter for our flight and have access to Peru Plaza for the wait? Thank you very much! -KZ Chicago, IL
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#Eva - Editor2013-12-30 22:44
Yes, lots of people coming in late and departing early in the morning spend the night at the airport; no problem. Peru Plaza will be open. One recommendation: keep an eye on all your baggage.
I'm not sure what you mean by "exit and re-enter". Normally when coming from the US you don't stay in transit, but have to go through immigration, claim your luggage and leave the arrival area. From there you have access to Peru Plaza and the luggage storage, in case you don't want to watch your stuff all the time. For your domestic flight to Cuzco you should check in at least 2 hours before the flight leaves.
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#Kelly Dwyer2014-01-09 11:59
I have a volunteer arriving at the airport at 4:30 a.m. I am hesitant to have her taxi take her directly to the bus station, as that is a long wait and not as comfortable as the airport. You said the Peru Plaza is open for those spending the night. Does this mean at 5 a.m. Starbucks and 4D are open? Is everything in the Plaza open all night?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2014-01-09 20:50
Hi Kelly,
The Lima Airport is open 24 / 7 and so are most restaurants, coffee shops, fast food chains at Peru Plaza, incl. Starbucks and 4D.
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#jode342014-01-22 13:22
I'm flying in from Scotland in November looking forward to seeing the wonderful country
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#Eva - Editor2014-01-22 17:19
Have a nice stay in Peru and enjoy your time!
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#Joanne Race2014-01-23 11:43
Hi we are flying from Cusco to AMsterdam via Lima in April. Our bags will be checked from Cusco straight to Amsterdam. We only have 1.5 hours to catch the connecting flight. Is this long enough for us and our bags to get though Lima and make the flight?
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#Eva - Editor2014-01-23 12:59
If there hadn't been any changes lately, it's as far as I know not possible that you can check your luggage through from an international to a domestic flight and vice versa at Lima's airport. So to my knowledge you have to pick up your luggage after arriving in Lima from your flight from Cuzco and then check-in for your international flight to Amsterdam and do the immigration control. With this being said your 1 1/2 hours isn't enough. The airport recommends being at the check-in counter 3 hours before your international flight leaves.
Probably I might be wrong and they changed their usual procedure. I'm not sure you gave you the info that you can check your baggage through, but highly recommend getting in contact with both airlines (the national and I assume KLM).
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#Carrie2014-01-24 20:10
I have overstayed my tourist visa and will need to pay the $1USD a day fine when departing. My flight leaves at 12am at night. Is the Banco de la nacion open 24 hours?
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#Eva - Editor2014-01-24 21:14
According to the website of the Banco de la Nacion the branch at the airport is open 24 / 7.
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#JP2014-01-27 21:16
Hello. I will be flying from the U.S. to Santiago, Chile, with a 90-minute connection in Lima. My flights are all booked on one ticket with LAN Airlines. I have two questions:
1) Is 90 minutes sufficient to connect to another international flight?
2) Are international passengers connecting to another international flight required to go through security check at the Lima airport?

I've tried searching the official Lima International Airport website, but it's unclear. Here's what the website says:

:: In-Transit Passengers
When deplaning, those passengers who are in transit or who have connections to other international flights must walk through the hall of international arrivals, go down to the first level and, without entering the immigration control area, return to the international terminal; otherwise, they will lose their in-transit/ connecting passenger status. We recommend that passengers contact airline personnel when their flight arrives.
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#Eva - Editor2014-01-27 23:25
90 minutes should be enough time. Lima's airport is small and ways are short. So no problem here. If there haven't been any changes lately, your luggage will be checked through (you might want to re-confirm that with the airline), no security check as we know them from the US, just "normal" check that don't take long and no immigration.
It would be great, if you could post your experiences with international transiting at Lima's airport so we can up-date the information on our page for other travelers.
Thanks a lot!
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#JP2014-01-28 02:49
Thank you for the information! I will definitely update with my travel experiences, so an update can be made to the website.
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#Nathan2014-02-11 11:39
My family and I are booked on a domestic LAN flight from Juliaca to LIM, where we will transfer to an international Avianca flight that departs at 10:10pm. We will not have any checked luggage, but we only have an 85 minute layover. Is this enough time and what will the transfer proceedures be?
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#Eva - Editor2014-02-11 18:47
My personal opinion: no, even if you don't have any checked luggage and already have an e-ticket, this isn't enough time. The airport / airlines recommend to be at the check-in 3 hours before your international flight leaves. In case you have no luggage and your e-ticket 2 hours are enough.
Assuming your national flight from Juliaca to Lima is on time, you have to get out of the plane, walk down, leave the domestic flight area. Ways are short at Lima airport, but I think you still might need 15 to 20 minutes for that. At this time of the day the airport is packed; lots of flights arriving and leaving. So the check-in area is crowded. If you don't have an e-ticket, count at least 30 minutes. Then you have to walk up, go through immigration and security. Expect long queues here at the evening; bad case scenario 30 to 60 minutes.
If you still feel comfortable with your short connection time, you could check with Avianca. Personally I would rather wait longer than missing my flight.
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#Sunil2014-02-18 14:00
We areflying into Lima at 10.55 am from Los Angeles on a LAN flight and are connecting to Cusco on a 1 PM. Is this sufficient time to pass though customs and immigration. Do we have to again get in lne to pick up boarding pass or will the boading pass issued at LA be sufficient? How far are the gates from where we finish customs and immigration? Do we have to again check in our bags or just put them on a conveyor to Cusco? Thanks
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#Eva - Editor2014-02-18 15:28
As you are flying LAN from LA to Lima and on to Cuzco I assume that you can get your boarding pass for the Cuzco leg already when checking in at LA airport. But to make sure I would reconfirm that with LAN.

In Lima you have to go through immigration, pick-up your luggage and go through customs. If nothing changed in the last few weeks you need to pick up your luggage, even though the label on it might indicate that they book it through. At this time of the day the airport isn't busy and distances are short. But still you will have to leave the international arrival area, walk over to the check-in counter (very short distance) and re-check-in your luggage. Then go up to the domestic departure area, do the security check and board.

If everything works perfectly, you could make it within the 2 hours you have. Personally I would reconfirm with LAN if they don't consider your booking a hot connection flight or even think about taking a later flight to Cuzco.
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#Carole Sbordone2014-03-19 07:04
Hi We are flying from Cusco to Lima on Peruvian Air. We are scheduled to arrive in Lima at 8:50 am. We have a connecting flight on Star Peru leaving for Iquitos at 12:20 pm. Do you know if we will be able to check our bags through to Iquitos when we board in Cusco? If we have to collect our bags and check in again, will we have enough time? Thanks for your help!!
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#Eva - Editor2014-03-19 09:36
I doubt that you can check your luggage through from Cuzco to Iquitos; but you could re-confirm that with the airline. In case nothing changed in the last few weeks, you will have to collect your baggage when landing from Cuzco in Lima and then check-in for your flight to Iquitos. You have 3 1/2 hours for that; as the airport isn't that busy at this hour and you won't have to queue at immigrations, personally I think you have more than enough time (assuming your flight from Cuzco is on time).
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#Shubhro2014-03-24 21:02
We will be arriving at Lima airport from Miami at 4:35 AM and our connecting flight to Cusco departs at 8:35 AM. Is 4 hours sufficient to make the conenction considering we have to clear Immigration/Customs and collect baggage and check them back with Star Peru? I presume early morning is busiest time at Lima International Airport.
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#Eva - Editor2014-03-25 08:08
4 hours should be enough time to make it. The flight from Miami is actually the first international one that lands in the early morning hours after a 2 hour break, so clearing immigrations, getting your luggage and going through customs shouldn't take that long.
While the international arrival isn't really busy at this time of the day, national departure will be. But still, even if you generously calculate 1 hour for immigrations, luggage and customs, you still have 3 hours to check-in for your flight to Cuzco and get to your gate.
So if your flight from Miami is on time (which it normally is) and Star Peru doesn't change the departure time I really see no problems for you.
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#tara2014-04-14 11:31
We will land in Lima (from US) at midnight and will fly the next morning (6:50am) to Cusco. We want to leave our luggage at the airport while we go and check out the night life in Lima for a few hours. Is there a luggage drop that is open overnight?

Secondly, I have heard some bad reviews of Star Peru (unreliable, sudden changes of flight times, have to pay more at the airport if you're not a Peruvian). Do you have any insight on this?

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#Eva - Editor2014-04-14 13:24
The luggage storage at the airport is open 24/7.
While Star Peru's flights are generally speaking more economical than for example Lan flights, you quite often hear complaints from travelers about Star Peru's Customer Service and flight delays or cancellations. Star Peru is very strict with weight and dimension restrictions. Some airlines in Peru like Lan and Taca have special, cheaper tariffs for flights to Cuzco that only apply to Peruvian residents. If you book them as non-resident you will be fined a hefty sum when checking in. But if nothing changed in the last few month, you can book all Star Peru tariffs as a non-resident.
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#David Marks2014-04-29 05:05
We are travelling from Juliaca via Lima to Tumbes on 2 domestic flights. It is a 35 minute connnection which is apparently legal. Is this sensible? Are all the domestic flights in one part of the terminal? Please advise
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#Eva - Editor2014-04-29 08:12
That's not a lot of time you have. Depending on the airline(s) you are traveling with, you might have to pick up your luggage from your flight from Juliaca and re-check it in for the flight to Tumbes. In this case in my personal opinion you most probably won't make your connection. You should clarify this with the carrier.
And yes all domestic flights are in one part of the terminal.
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#Robina Browne2014-05-17 11:33
I am arriving at in Lima at 22:00 hrs and have to wait for the arrival of a friend at 01:00 hrs = about 3 hrs. do the restaurants and coffee shops in the Public area on 2nd floor remain open all night to accommodate people waiting for flights etc? Thank you
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#Tim - Editor2014-05-17 12:54
Most of the restaurants in the food parlor and coffee shops in the second floor of the Lima International Airport are open 24/7. Some of the souvenir shops might not be open all the time, but you should find enough possibilities to pass those hours...
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#Angie2014-05-29 10:45
We are arriving at 1016pm. We need to purchase a data card for our cell phone. Do you know if the store in the airport that sells that data cards is open that late?
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#Eva - Editor2014-05-29 11:16
That's a busy time at the airport with lots of flights arriving. So yes the stores where you can buy Sim cards will be open.
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#Katharine2014-06-16 10:09
Hi Eva -
My husband and I arrive in Lima from the US at 11:30 pm and then have a flight to Puerto Maldonado the next morning at 8:05am. We would like to stay in the domestic CARAL lounge overnight rather than dealing with taxis and hotels for that night. Will we be able to do this at this hour? I'm guessing it will be after midnight by the time we get our bags. Will we be able to then re-check them? Are the check-in desks always open? If not, is it possible to go through security with our check bags, go to the lounge, and then check them in the morning?

Thanks so much! We fly out tomorrow so any information would be helpful!!
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#Eva - Editor2014-06-16 16:50
Hello Katharine,
the Caral Lounge is open 24/7, but the maximum time you can stay there is as far as I know 4 hours. The problem I see is that you have to re-check-in your luggage before you can go through security and enter the domestic departure area where the lounge is located. Additionally once in a while the airport closes the domestic departure for an hour or so during nighttime. I doubt that the check-in counter is open so many hours in advance. But as the check-in counters are only a few steps away from the international arrival waiting area, where you will end up, you just could walk by and check. Probably you are lucky and they are open. Otherwise you could ask the airline at what time their check-in counter will open.
Most travelers stay the night at the food court or book a room at the Ramada Hotel located on the airport premises.
Have a safe trip.
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#Drew2014-06-18 06:08
Hi we are arriving from Europe on 22.00 and fly out to cuzco the next morning at 06.00 with Peruvian airlines
We will have our large rucksacks with us and want to go to the caral lounge and relax for the fours hours there.
Can we check in our rucksacks the night before with Peruvian at their desk or can we take our rucksacks through security and place them into the hold once we are boarding
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#Eva - Editor2014-06-18 08:00
If nothing changed in the past few months you can only enter the domestic departure area in the second floor after you checked-in und gone through security. As things change quickly here and one day the check-in counter is open, the other night not, I honestly don't know for sure, if the Peruvian airline counter for your flight to Cuzco will be open. So probably Peruvian airlines can answer this question. Sorry!
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#Sandra Smith2014-07-02 22:06
Hello, I will be traveling from San Francisco to Cuzco with a connection in Lima that is one and half hours. Is that enough time to go through customs?
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#Eva - Editor2014-07-03 12:30
Depending on your arrival time in Lima, you might be on a very tight time schedule. When arriving in Lima you have to pass through immigration, collect your luggage and go through customs. This all can be done in half an hour, if only a few international flights arrive, but could also take an hour or sometimes even longer, if its busy.
Then you have to re-check-in for your flight to Cuzco. The airport / airlines actually recommend to be at the check-in counter 2 hours before your domestic flight leaves. If you take the chance, is up to you.
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#Timothy Goodenough2014-07-05 21:53
Hola, mi esposa y yo llegamos el próximo miércoles a eso de la seis de la mañana, (haciendo escala), y no salimos para La Paz hasta las once de la noche. Tengo por entendido que chequeamos nuestro equipaje en Ciudad de Mexico hasta La Paz, de modo que no tenemos que recogerlo en Lima sino podemos andar todo el día con solo nuestras bolsas de mano. Queremos salir del aeropuerto y aprovechar de las diez a doce horas que tenemos libre para ir a conocer algo de Lima. Entiendo que podemos pedir una TAM, somos ciudadanos estadounidenses. Pensamos movilizarnos por medio del transporte público. ¿Hay solo una línea de micro con servicio desde el aeropuerto, la que va hasta Miraflores? Estamos interesados en llegar al centro para ver la Plaza Mayor, el Palacio de Gobierno, la Catedral, etc. ¿Habrá servicio de micro público que nos lleve allí? Gracias por su consejo. Atentamente, Timothy Goodenough
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#Eva - Editor2014-07-06 13:30
Hi Timothy, as LimaEasy is a website in English, I allow myself to answer in English.
Personally I doubt that you can check your luggage through to La Paz and enter Peru only with your carry-on; but this is something you should check with the airline. If it's not possible you can leave your luggage at the left luggage area at the airport and still visit Lima only with a small bag.
As US passport holder you fill out the TAM on the plane and get an entry stamp at immigrations when entering Peru.
Lima unfortunately doesn't have a public transportation system (except one bus and one metro line that doesn't connect with the airport). So I highly recommend not taking a micro from the airport to town, but rather use a registered airport taxi which will set you back around US$ 20.
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#Poliana2014-08-09 16:28
Hello ^_^
We are traveling to California through Lima, and I found this bus company called Ormeno Bolivia (We are in La Paz right now), they have a bus to Lima that leaves us at Javier Prado. I had to research a lot to find it, so I'll leave the information here in case someone needs it: Ormeno bus, bus terminal of La Paz - Bo to Lima, leaves everyday at 2pm, US60. I would also really appreciate your help: How can we get from there to Jorge Chavez International Airport? My husband wants to go to Plaza Norte, and then catch a bus from there to the Airport, but I'm not sure how, or which route would be best to take. Help please? Thank you!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2014-08-09 18:17
Not sure why your husband wants to go from Javier Prado via Plaza Norte to the airport. That's quite a detour or a quite different city tour along not so nice places in Lima. Even though there are buses along Javier Prado via Av. La Marina and Elmer Faucett to the airport, I highly recommend using a taxi. This might set you back with about US$ 10 to max. US$ 15; money well spend to making sure you arrive safely at the airport.
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#n p v choudary2014-08-23 03:20
we will be arriving from quito to Lima by LAN airlines and taking a connection flight to atlanta usa by Delta airlines with a trasit. can we get the transit visa in lima airport and can our baggage booked from Quito to Atlanta directly. Are there any left luggage counter in International departure.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2014-08-23 20:42
Honestly I can't completely follow your plans. First of all there is no left luggage at the international departure area, only at the domestic arrivals waiting area which is open to the public.
You should clarify with LAN and Delta if you can check your luggage through or if you have to pick it up and re-check-in which means entering Peru.
You haven't mentioned your nationality. If you can check your luggage through and stay in international transit you won't need a visa. Only if you want to or have to go through immigrations / customs then depending on your nationality you might have to apply for a visa. Check out if you need a visa for Peru on the Dokument "Visa obligations for Foreign Nationals" ("").
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#Michael2014-09-01 13:24
I know lots of people spend the night in the airport but can you walk me through where I go? I arrive from Costa Rica at 8:30pm and depart for Cusco at 5am the following morning. Once I go through customs, etc, I have to kill time in the public food court/ shopping area? Or when can I check in to the domestic side? Is it better to do that as soon as possible or to remain in the food court? I guess I'm confused about whether or not there's a firm (ticketed) separation between international and domestic and where exactly the food court is located. Thanks so much!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2014-09-01 22:02
Lima's airport is quite small; you surely won't get lost. On the one end you have international flights on the other domestic ones. When you cleared immigration and customs you will end up at the international arrival waiting area on the 1st floor. Just walk a few steps and you have to your left stairs and moving stairs to the second floor where the food court is located. If you continue on the 1st floor you already see the check-in counters. When the one for your flight opens, I honestly don't know. But you could check when you arrive. If they are still closed, but you want to safely store your luggage (which I would recommend) just leave your baggage at the left luggage area at the end of the hall to your left.
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#Michael2014-09-03 16:57
Great, thanks so much!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Judi2014-09-25 20:14
Hi, we have flights to and from Quito via Lima ( transits only ) - First flight coming from Santiago and Second flight going to Rio. Will we have to go through customs for these transit flights?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2014-09-26 07:47
I don't think so. If you can check your luggage through, you can stay in international transit and don't have to go through immigrations and customs. Your airline should be able to confirm this.
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#JP2014-10-05 23:51
Hello Eva.

You're so wonderful at answering so many anxious questions from travelers.

I have a question of transit. My flight from IQT to LIM arrives at LIM at 10:10 PM. I have then a connecting flight to Houston at 1:10 AM. I assume, we will have to collect our luggage and then recheck. Would 3 hours be enough?

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2014-10-06 09:34
normally you have to pick up your luggage and then re-check-in for your international flight in Lima. Not sure, but in the last few months I heard that in some cases it's possible to check your luggage through. Probably best clear this with the airline. If you can't check your baggage through, I would try and check-in online (print out your e-ticket) in advance. Then you only have to drop off your luggage in Lima and, assuming your flight from Iquitos isn't delayed, you easily make your flight to Houston; otherwise it might be a little bit tight, but still doable.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#JP2014-10-06 11:29
Hi Eva,
Another question! I am trying to go from CUS to IQT on a Wednesday. What's best airline from the connection in Lima perspective? LAN and Avianca? If both CUS-LIM and LIM-IQT segments have the same airline, can they check in baggage from CUS all the way to IQT? If yes, how much time do I need for transit in LIM? If I do need to collect bags and re-checkin, how much time would be needed?

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Eva - Editor2014-10-06 15:40
Sorry, I have lots of general knowledge, but I can't comment on which airlines might be better on special days or with special connections or when you can book luggage through and when not. Best get in contact with the specific airline. They are the only ones that can give you 100% accurate information. Personally I would go with LAN.
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#A Nunes2015-01-05 11:16
Does anyone know how early you can check in baggage for a flight to the US? Our domestic flight from Puerto Maldonado arrives at 14;20 and our flight back to the US leaves at midnight. Can I check my bags in and then go to Lima for dinner?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - limaeasy2015-02-26 16:33
You can´t check in so early, the minimum required is 3 hours before. But there is a place where you can store your bags and go to Lima for dinner. Make sure you get on time, because traffic between the airport and Lima is very heavy.
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#Denise2015-01-20 13:16
I have an international flight from Cusco to San Jose, Costa Rica connecting in Lima with only ONE HOUR between flights. Because I am on a domestic flight from Cusco and then an international flight to Costa Rica, do I have to go through security and immigration again in Lima?? Or upon domestic arrival would I simply go straight to my international departure gate??

I have flown internationally many times, and have discovered that each country is different with regard to security.

Also, can you please verify for me that I do not have to pay any departure taxes in Peru now?? Thanks. You have a great and very informative website. :-)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - limaeasy2015-02-26 16:37
It depends on the airline you´re flying in, usually most of them exclude you from taxes, but there are some low-cost that still don´t cover them. If you are flying to Costa Rica you may be taking LAN or Taca, so you won´t be paying any taxes.
If you are doing immigration in Cusco, then it won´t be a problem in Lima. But just to make sure, call the Lima airport.
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#RWALDRON2015-01-20 13:37
I was in the Lima Airport on a stop over back in 2006. We went into a travel agency there in the airport who planned a trip to Macha Piccuh for us. It was a wonderful experience. He was professional and everything was set up perfectly at a very reasonable price. I am trying to find that same travel agency. Can you help me out?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Christina limaeasy2015-02-26 10:14

Unfortunately, there are many many travel agencies that provide those types of services to foreigners. We would need to know a few more details in order to locate the exact agency. Do you have a contact or happen to remember where you located this service?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Jack2015-02-04 14:56
Arriving 19.10 on 24 March ......have arrangements to be met at airport to take me to my long can I expect to wait until I am free of airport please
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Christina limaeasy2015-02-26 10:09
hi Jack,

If you have arrangements for transportation they are usually waiting before you arrive at the arrival area. They will most likely carry a poster with your name to identify you more easily.
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#Tom2015-02-15 14:41
Hi there! It seems like we should be fine, but want to get some inside advice: we are traveling from Cuzco to Iquitos, with a layover in Lima. Our flight arrives in Lima around 9:30am and departs for Iquitos at 10:35. It's a domestic flight, so I think it should be enough time... correct?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Christina limaeasy2015-02-26 10:11
Hi Tom,

You are correct. Domestic flights within the country do not require the security clearances that international flights do. The area for dometic flights is also on one side and smaller to arrive at your gate easily.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Miriam2015-02-27 01:32
I will arrive at the Lima Airport at about 20:30 on a Monday night, and leave for Arequipa at 5:45 the next morning. Is there a nearby hotel that might make sense to stay at or are there facilities at the airport for this sort of short stay. How early should I be for that local leg of my flight. Will I have to go through customs the night before (coming from GYE) Thanks for your help This is a very helpful service.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-18 22:55
Hi Miriam, there´s a hotel inside of the airport, Costa del Sol Ramada hotel. That´s the closest and safest hotel around. And since it´s a local flight you won´t have to get there until 2 hours before the flight, neither do any customs.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Neil J.2015-03-01 21:48
My U.S spouse, 2 U.S family member and I are going to go to Peru soon. Can I go through Immigration with them or they would have to go to another immigration booth?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Neil J.2015-03-04 14:22
I forgot to mention that I am a Peruvian citizen. Not sure if we can all go through immigration booth together. Thanks in advance.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Bethanny2015-03-02 21:26
Hi! I am going to Santiago and will change flights to Lima first. However, my airlines actually told me to pick up baggage at Lima first and then re-check it for my flight to Santiago. I have 2hrs45 and will be landing in Lima at 6.30AM. Will the time be enough? I am very very worried.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-18 22:59
You will have enough time, but still need to hurry. The baggage for connection flights go through another place.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Henry2015-03-04 10:01
My flight will arrive at the airport at about 8:30 pm. Are the registered taxi desks still open then?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-18 23:00
Yes, they are open 24/7.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Monica G.2015-03-09 22:48
i have a flight transfer from Aeromexico at 10: 50 to LAN airlines at 11:50, all on one ticket, do you think i will have enough time to get to my next flight? i'm worried i won't make it if it takes 60-90 minuets to get through the processing
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-18 23:01
If you have a transfer, you won´t need to go through immigration, so it will be quicker. You will have enough time.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Steve T.2015-03-11 18:10
We are arriving from Miami at 4:30 a.m. on American Airlines and am looking to catch a flight to Cusco that morning. There is a 6:00 a.m. Peruvian Airlines flight. Is that cutting it too close?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-18 23:02
You will have enough time, but still need to hurry because you have to do customs when entering to Peru. But national flights take less to board.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Lunia2015-03-11 21:25
what is the best/quickest way to get from the international arrival hall to domestic departure hall?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Claudia Werle2015-03-18 21:27
Hello there :-) ....
i have family coming from Peru to the USA to visit for a month. One of them is 17, which is still underage in Peru, my question is; is she going to have any trouble at the counter at the time of check in? She is traveling with her sister that is 19, Does she need any special permit to get out? Please advice, Thanks in advance :-)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-18 22:52
Hello, I would suggest a notary permit saying she´s allowed to come, since she doesn´t have any parents with her.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Andy B2015-03-19 13:10
Hi there,

I am 14 and flying by myself from EWR to LIM. Afetr a layover in Panama City, I will arrive Lima at 12:30 pm. I then need to fly from Lima to Cusco. I will be taking a different airline than the one I arrived on. How much time do you suggest I leave between landing in Lima and then catching my flight to Cusco?? I want to make sure that i leave enough time for customs, getting my bag, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-19 21:55
Hi Andy, I would suggest you take a flight in the afternoon, say 5 pm, so you can get through customs, luggage and still have time to recover your breath. But if you don´t want to waste more time, I´d say 3 hours is enough.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Roseline2015-03-29 14:34
Will be arriving at Lima International Airport from cruiseship marina around 10:00am, I am flying Delta to Atlanta with flight departing at 00:25. What are my best options? Is there a lounge I could use? I have never been to Lima International. Can you help me, please?
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-30 00:14
Hello Roseline, if you have a One World VIP card you can go to the VIP lounge, where you have great snacks, internet, TV and sofas to rest. If you don´t, its a very long time to wait, so you can go around the city before boarding your plane. Just remember to be at the airport three hours before your flight. I hope we´ve been helpful and we wish the best of luck in your trip.
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#Stephany B S Rueda2015-03-30 13:05
I will arrive at 9:30am at the airport and I need to work until 13:00. Is there any coffee shop or internet place available inside the airport? Thank you.
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-30 13:45
Hi Stephany, there´s wifi all over the airport and you can settle in the food court or any of the coffee shops around it.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Stephany2015-03-30 17:29
Thank you!!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ali2015-03-30 16:50
Hi!! Thanks for all the amazing advice. I arrive on an Avianca (aerogal) flight from La Paz at 9 am and depart on an air canada flight to Toronto at 2 am the following day. I want to go into Lima for the day. Do you have any idea of the procedure for exiting the airport (baggage and customs) and will I have to pay the infamous tax on the way back into the airport for my flight to toronto? Thanks!!
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-03-30 17:15
Hi Ali, you need to go through customs when you enter Lima and when you leave it as well, so you might need to get to the airport three hours before your flight. I can´t say anything certain about your baggage, that depends on the airline, sometimes you need to pick it up and sometimes they send it to the connection flight. However, you don´t need to pay any taxes for using the airport, unless it´s not included in your ticket. Have a great flight.
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#Aresingh2015-03-31 03:22
We are arriving on AA from Miami at 1730 and have a connecting flight to Arequipa at 1920. We have elite status (Gold/Exec Platinum with Star Alliance and One World). Is there a special counter for elite desk that will help expidite check-in? Is 1 hr 50 mins enought for transit? Thank you
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#Talia- LimaEasy2015-03-31 19:14
Hello, 1:50 is enough for a domestic flight. But there is a special counter for elite status, but if not, you have the option of using digital check in, which makes the process much faster. Hope you enjoy your trip.
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#Rob2015-04-01 11:06
Hi, Great website. Thanks for creating this helpful online resource. I will be on a domestic flight into Lima (LIM) from Arequipa (AQP), then I will have a 90 minute wait until my international flight home to NY (JFK). Is 90 minutes enough time to clear Customs and Immigrations? Both flights will be on LAN. Thanks!
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#Talía-LimaEasy2015-04-02 21:55
Hello Rob, I think it will be enough time, but you´re gonna have to hurry up. I could recommend to postpone your flight to NY so you have time for any inconvenience.
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#Mike2015-04-06 13:03
Hello. I was wondering: when you are NOT flying, is there a bar or restaurant in the terminal from where you can watch the airplanes? Or an aviation viewing area? Many thanks for any information.
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-04-06 16:38
Hello, i´m sorry but there is not any place where you can watch the airplanes, except from the departing gates.
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#Abhishek2015-04-11 16:22
can one enter lima airport international checkin without a ticket printout but have the eticket on mobile? Am traveling tomorrow so an urgent reply would be much appreciated. Thanks
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-04-12 10:45
You can enter the Lima Airport with only your passport. The mobile version is acceptable, but I suggest you print your boarding pass. There are computers available around the counters.
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#NLee2015-04-12 17:36
I'll arrive in Lima at 6:35pm from Bogota and leave for Cusco the next morning at 5:50AM. I'm trying to see if I should get to the city and do the tour of the Larco Museum, stay at a hotel, and then leave for the airport early in the morning. Do you think this makes sense? Or shall I stat at a hotel near the airport? Your advice/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia-LimaEasy2015-04-12 17:47
The Larco Museum is very interesting, and you definitely have enough time. A hotel near the airport might not be necessary since there is only one inside that is safe enough. However, if you wish to relax, I would suggest staying in a more centered district, such as Miraflores or San Isidro, so you can have dinner and a walk before your early flight.
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#Vishnu2015-04-12 18:13
Hola! Thanks for all the information you have posted. I am an Indian citizen flying from Bolivia to Equador with a 1hr 45min layover in Lima. Since I am transiting between two destinations, I am assuming will NOT need a visa for the layover in Lima. I would greatly apprecite your thoughts on this. Gracias!
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-04-13 13:08
Hello Vishnu, that is right, you don´t need a visa for Lima, since you´re not leaving the airport.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Vishnu2015-04-13 13:33
Gracias! Buenos Dias! :-)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Michelle2015-04-13 12:01
There is quite a bit of contradictory info about the departure tax. Do all airlines include it in the total fee? How can I tell?
I'm flying Copa, which shows an XT tax on my ticket. Is that the tax? Thank you.
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#connie2015-04-27 13:58
we'll be arriving 6 AM fr USA for Cusco; have 23 hrs lay over in Lima; we'll go out to explore Lima during the lay over; are we required to get our check in luggage in Lima or we can have our luggage go straight to Cusco?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#connie2015-04-27 14:02
we'll arrive lima at 6 am fr US then cusco. we've 23 hrs lay over in Lima and we will go out to town. Do we need to check out our check in luggage in Lima or can we have luggage straight to Cusco?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#sophia2015-04-29 21:25
I'm flying into Lima from the US landing at 1130pm and then have an LAN flight the next morning at 625am. I have access to the premier lounges. Do you happen to know how early I can check in my bags/go through security after arriving through customs so that I can go in and relax in the lounge overnight? Would this be possible, or would I have to wait in the food court area? I am trying to avoid getting a hotel for only 3-4 hours.
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#Elias2015-10-03 13:05
Hi there. What did you end up doing? I'm in the same situation this November and I'm wondering if I can instead hang out in the international area (I won't have bags so no customs yet), go to the lounge (open 24 hours) and then clear immigration, let's say a couple of hours before to check in in the domestic area. The lounges at the international area look way better than the one at the domestic side and I don't like to be stuck outside if check in is not yet open when I arrive which most likely will be the case. Thank you.
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#Michael2015-06-29 08:23
Hi! I will be flying from Sao Paulo with TACA international airlines to Lima arriving 8:50 am and connecting to San San Salvador at 10:12 am via Avianca. Do I need to pick up my luggage and re-check? And do I need transit visa?
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#Talia- Limaeasy2015-07-01 16:22
Hello Michael, you don't need a transit visa to do any transit. The luggage matter must be handled with the airline, but, since TACA and Avianca are the same, you might not need to pick up and recheck.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Rob2015-07-01 16:24
I would say you would need to pick up your luggage from TACA and check them in to Avianca. I flew into Lima on LAN and had a connecting flight to Cusco on LAN an hour and a half later. I had to go to luggage claim and check them in.

When I was leaving Peru, I flew out of Areqipa to Lima and then had a connecting flight from Lima to JFK about three hours later. Both flights were on LAN. I guess because of the long layover time, the airline was able to move my luggage from the first flight to the other. I didn't have to go to luggage claim and check them in again. Hope this helps.
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#Margaret2015-07-05 21:04
Flying Quito to Melbourne-Australia LA1449 -landing Lima 10.50am, departing 11.55am for Santiago on LA361. Is this time frame too difficult for transit passengers?
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#Talia- Limaeasy2015-07-08 14:43
Hello, the frame is too short for transit, but you will make it.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Margaret2015-08-26 23:19
Flying Quito to Melbourne-Australia LA1449 -landing Lima 10.50am, departing 11.55am for Santiago on LA361. Is this time frame too difficult? Thank you
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Samy2015-07-06 13:39

I'm flying into Lima by 10:45 pm and leaving to Arequipa at 5:00 am. Will I have to clear customs at Lima or Arequipa? If I have clear Customs at Lima, will I be able to check in my bags immediately after?
Between 10:45 pm to 5:00 am, would food vendors and ATM be open? Also is there a waiting area?
I'm flying LAN from US to Lima and Lima to Arequipa.
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#Talia- Limaeasy2015-07-08 14:48
hello, you will need to check your luggage in and check into customs. There are also ATM and food courts.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Davis2015-08-01 17:39

I have a flight on LC Peru from Ayacucho that lands in Lima at 8am on a Monday. Then, I have a flight with Star Peru that departs at 9:35am to Cusco the same morning. If I do online check-in with Star Peru (meaning I'll already have my boarding passes ready to go), then is an hour and a half long enough for me and my three family members to get my luggage from LC Peru, re-check it with Star Peru, go through security, etc. and make it to the gate about 20-30 min prior to departure? I'm trying to see if I should push my Star Peru flight to their later departure time at 3pm, but my family and I would rather not have such a long delay between flights if it's possible for me to make the departure at 9:35am.

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-08-02 09:35
Hello Davis, you should push your Star Peru flight since every national flight is delaying its departure and landing. Three hours will be more than enough.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Denise2015-08-25 09:39
Morning! so I have a question, I have a flight from JFK to Lima, Arriving in Lima at 4:25pm, but then we have to catch a 5:50pm flight to Cusco? Will we have enough time to do the connection? do we have to go thru immigration in LIMA or CUZ?

thank you in advance,
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-08-26 22:02
Hello Denise, you only need to do customs in Lima. The time in between might be a bit short, but it will be enough.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ruben2015-08-30 04:13
Any chance you could tell me how long it could take to leave the airport from a domestic flight? We are arriving from Cusco to Lima at around 12pm with Lan but hoping to reach Miraflores by 1:30pm. I also have dual citizenship (Peruvian and British) I believe Peruvians get discounted price on domestic flights but is a passport sufficient or do I also need a DNI (which I lost). Final question, when entering Peru do I have a choice which passport I could use?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-08-31 11:50
Hello Ruben, there are no controls when leaving a domestic flight, so you will be able to go to Miraflores by 1:30 pm. If you want to buy your ticket as a Peruvian, you need your DNI number, that way you get the Peruvian price. And when entering Peru, you can show both passports.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ruben2015-08-31 12:06
Quoting talia - Limaeasy:
Hello Ruben, there are no controls when leaving a domestic flight, so you will be able to go to Miraflores by 1:30 pm. If you want to buy your ticket as a Peruvian, you need your DNI number, that way you get the Peruvian price. And when entering Peru, you can show both passports.

Thank you. I do have the number and a paper copy of my DNI but not the actual document. The Peruvian embassy in the UK is unlikely to provide a new copy before my flight. I purchased the tickets (Lima-Cusco) I am just concerned I will be forced to pay an additional fee for my ticket. I got conflicting information from Lan Peru. Over the phone I was told my Peruvian passport will be sufficient but on the website it was indicated a DNI is necessary.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Brian2015-08-30 09:55
Is there a Hotel Melia Lima inside the airport?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-08-31 11:51
No, there's a Costa del Sol.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Kiara2015-09-04 02:49
If I arrive on an international flight from Australia at 4pm, will I make the last flight out of Lima to Cuzco?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-09-04 16:18
Hello Kiara, the last flight is at aprox. 6 pm, but I recommend you change it for the next day to have more time for customs.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Roy Wong2015-09-11 03:36
We are arriving at around 06:00am in Lima airport. We need to purchase a data card for our cell phone. Do you know if the store in the airport that sells that data cards is open that early?
If not, any other place I can purchase the data card?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-09-11 20:55
Hello Roy, the data card store is oppened at all times.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#lotte2015-09-11 10:21
I'm looking to fly from Arequipa to Cajamarca passing through Lima. It being a domestic flight but me being European, will I have to pass through costums? How much time should I allow for domestic transfer? Thanks! :)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-09-11 20:56
Hello Lotte, you don´t need to pass through customs since you already are inside Peru, when going from Arequipa to Cajamarca.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#.lotte2015-09-12 06:46
Thanks!! So how much time should I allow for the transfer? LAN offers tickets for 1:20 transfer time... would it be enough for me, and my luggage? Thanks again!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-09-13 09:47
Yeah, 1: 20 is enough for both you and your luggage.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ruben2015-09-14 01:05
Regarding exchanging currency, it is mentioned above that at the airport we are offered the worst rate and to just change the minimum or use an atm machine. I get charged by my bank when withdrawing cash from an atm, would it be possible to check what exchange rate is offered at the airport? Is there any advice on where to exchange currency in Lima securely?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Melvyn2015-09-16 01:50

I am flying from Cusco at 1145hrs this December and will land in Lima by LAN at 1310hrs. I will then be taking American Airlines flight to Washington D.C at 2300hrs via Miami that night. Hence I will be doing a short layover tour in Lima. Can i check in my luggage from Cusco all the way to Washington DC, or do i need to collect my luggage at Lima, store them at the lockers and then re-check them in later that day? Your advise will be highly appreciated.

Best regards
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Shrikant2015-10-03 23:30
If my flight is at 2:00AM in the morning, Should I head to the airport at 9:00PM the previous night? What is the best recommendation given the comments from other travellers.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Sharon2015-10-11 10:01
Hi I leave toronto for Lima Oct 23rd and would like to know if there's a canadian embassy and location at the airport
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-10-14 12:31
Hello Sharon, the Canadian embassy is a bit far from the airport, the adress is 228 Bolognesi street, Miraflores.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Janet Harrer2015-10-21 21:13
I am flying from LAX to SCL - the plane makes a technical stop in Lima. I understand I must deplane - may I remain in the boarding area until the flight is ready to resume or must I go thru immigration/customs and then again thru emigration/customs before preceding to Santiago?

Likewise, on return must I go through the procedure in reverse? Thanks.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-10-22 13:38
Hello Janet, you must go through customs in both ways, and arriving to Santiago.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Gin2015-10-24 12:20
Who can I contact for transfers from Pisco cruise terminal to Lima Airport for a group of 20+ persons?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Lee2015-10-31 19:10
I will leave Ottawa Canada for Lima on Nov. 8. Would you like tell me how to get downtown by the bus. Thanks.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-11-02 01:11
Hello Lee, you would need to take 2 buses to get to downtown. But I would recommend for you to take a taxi before knowing the bus lines because they are very messy and informal.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Mike Walker2015-11-04 18:40
I left something on a flight from MIA-LIM last week en route to Cusco. My hotel was able to help me contact LANTam lost and found, who located the item. LANTam said the item can remain in their Lost and Found for 24-48 hours, and then transferred to Lima Airport Lost and Found. I will arrive at Lima airport from Cusco at 0700 on 6Nov and board return LIM-MIA LANTam flight for 0920 am departure. So I will have very little time to reach Lima airport Lost and Found. Where can I find this office at Lima airport, and can I contact them in advance to make this process move smoothly and quickly. Thanks for providing such a valuable service to travelers in English. We love Peru!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Dr Ayoub2015-11-16 18:00
I am a syrian traveling with my two kids and wife from caracas to Sao Paulo and we will have about a 3 hours connection in lime, do we need a transit visa, please advise
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#talia - Limaeasy2015-11-18 21:21
Hello, yo don't need any transit visa to go through Lima.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Cliff2015-11-30 08:14
I will be flying from Rio to Bogota with 8 hours lay over in Lima. planning to spend few hours in the Lima center. but coming back to airport for my connecting flight to Bogota, do I need to pay airport departue tax? Thanks a lot
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Kiran2015-11-30 22:53
I will be travelling from Brasil to Los Angeles with an 18 hour layover at Lima, Peru.
I got in touch with the airlines and they told I would have to claim my bags at Lima and check in again. Do I need to have a transit/tourist visa if I am not leaving the airport? ( I hold an Indian passport)

Thanks in advance,
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Andrew2015-12-05 16:56
Hello and thank you for a helpful website

I am am travelling around Latin America. When I arrive in Peru I will have one extra suitcase that I do not want to take to Cusco (as I would need to pay extra on the internal flights).

Can I leave it at the airport left luggage?

When I return from Cusco I will be flying on the Santiago de Chile and I have a connection time of just over two hours.

What are the arrangements for transferring from internal to international flights?

Will I be able to collect my suitcase from left luggage and then check it in for the Santiago flight if I have already checked in one bag (I am allowed to check in three bags)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2015-12-14 01:35
Hello Andrew, there isn't a luggage area in the airport. And, since you are leaving the country, you do need to check in customs to go to Santiago.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Michael2015-12-15 08:53
Hi. I'm departing on a 2am flight to Atlanta but have an e-boarding pass from Delta. Do I need to check in at the ticket counter, or can I pass security with the e-pass and have my passport verified at the gate? Thank you.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2015-12-17 19:54
Hello Michael, you can go through security with your e-pass but i would recommend to print it before at home, just in case.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Luciana2015-12-16 02:10
I have a personal emergency, im planing to travel this thursday but my US passport will expire in one month January 16, 2016. I am afraid the peruvian authorities or the airplane people wont allow to get in the plane because my USA passport will expire soon. Im planning to stay in peru for 4 days. please i need an advise. Thanks
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2015-12-17 19:56
Hello Luciana, you're right, there will be some trouble with the authorities, so I would advise to update your passport.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Kevin2015-12-22 06:18
My wife returned from Lima near the end of November and had a book with all her field notes in it taken by airport security. They informed her that she can retrieve it now, but she is unable to find anyone who can get it for her. Does anyone have any suggestions in how she can do this? She has already contacted Peruvian TSA, the embassy and the airline, but has not had any success. Thank you! :sad:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Marie2015-12-26 01:04
Hello -- we will arrive about 1:30 a.m. My friend wants to rent a car and drive south out of Lima right away. I would prefer to rest at the airport hotel til daylight. It is the first trip to Peru for both of us. Your thoughts?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Derek2015-12-26 10:48
My 19 year old son is flying into Lima from Dallas at 6:19 am and is supposed to fly out to Cusco at 8:00 am. It is obvious he will not have enough time to make his flight to Cusco. If we cannot change his flight, what are his options if he misses his flight to Cusco? Would he be able to book a one-way flight from Lima to Cusco? He is leaving in less than 3 weeks.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2015-12-26 13:43
Hello Derek, he will be able to make it to his flight to Cusco. But if not, you can change his flight with the airline so it can be a later flight.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Lynne Hannay2016-01-03 16:15
Our flight is 3am, Will we have access to the VIP lounges while we wait? thank you
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2016-01-07 23:01
Hello Lynne, you can only access the VIP lounge id you're affiliated to the One World Priority Pass, which includes, basically, being a VIP member of LAN, American Airlines and all the other. Hope all is well.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Jan2016-01-12 02:50
What hours is the chapel open? I am arriving from the US, going to Cusco. I understand I must leave the secured area and check back in, though not why. Should I immediately check out and check back in? Where is it more comfortable to wait. From where can one access the chapel, food courts lounges,etc. Do you have lounges, what are the facilities, and what is the cost. Thank you for this helpful site.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2016-01-15 01:26
Hello Jan, the chapel is openned at all hours. You can walk out of the secured area and check back in, either immediately or not, it's up to you and the time of your flight. The chapel is out of the secured area, and it doesn't take a lot of time to pass though the national flights security. There are many areas to rest, and if you have a One World membership, you can go to the VIP Lounge.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Lynne Hannay2016-01-16 15:22
The web site says there is a location to store luggage for a few days. Is this true as we need to store suitcases while in Cuzco? thank you, Lynne
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2016-01-17 19:00
Hello, there is luggage store in the Lima airport and it´s next to the National Arrival Gate, though I don´t know how much will it be.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ryan2016-01-27 10:27
Hi, I currently have flight from MIA-LIM scheduled to arrive at 640 AM. I am looking to book an additional flight from Lima to Arequipa (on a separate ticket). The two options available to me are 250 PM (which seems like way too much time to wait in an airport) and 945 AM. If I arrive on-time at 640 (or within 30 minutes), will I have enough time to go through customs/immigration, get my luggage, check-in for my Arequipa flight, and make it through security?

I am only anxious about this because the flights will be on separate tickets so I won't get automatically re-booked for a later flight for no fee.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Ori2016-02-07 18:46

I am flying from Lima to Sao Paolo at 9:15am and have am travelling from Cusco to Lima and should land at 7am on the same day. All flights are with LAN.

Is 2h15m enough to collect my luggage and check in luggage for the international leg? I know you have said that the airport recommends checking in at least 3 hours prior to the flight however do you know when the cut off is?

Thank you in advance
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2016-02-07 23:52
Hello Ori, I would recommend for you to book an earlier flight from Cusco to Lima because these are leaving a bit delayed because of the weather. However, 2 hours is enough if you´re already inside the airport. Hope everything goes well.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Heather2016-02-07 22:43
Hi, I'm looking into booking a flight from Cusco to Iquitos via Lima. Scheduled to arrive in Lima at 7:10 AM from Cusco via Peruvian airlines. Scheduled to depart Lima via Star Peru at 8:00 AM to IQT. Is a 50 minute connection in Lima enough (with or without checked in bags)? Travel time is in July. Thank you in advance :)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Talia - Limaeasy2016-02-07 23:49
Hello Heather, 50 minutes on a domestic flight is more than enough so don´t worry.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#Heather2016-02-08 00:14
Thank you so much Talia. Just to confirm, is 50 minutes is enough even we have checked bags? I am assuming we will need to pick up the checked bags in Lima when we arrive from Cusco via Peruvian Airlines, and re-check them again for the flight to Iquitos with Star Peru. If the airline was the same, perhaps we would not need to do this. Is this correct? Thank you in advance :)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
#magda van rooyen2016-02-08 16:27
Hi! Are there still buses outside the airport which one can take to Miraflores. If there are please tell me where to wait for them. And do they operate late at night. Thanks
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