The District Puente Piedra

The District Puente PiedraThe District Puente Piedra
Municipalidad de Puente Piedra

The District Puente Piedra

Puente Piedra (not the Puente de Piedra that connects the Historical City Center with Rimac) is a district of Lima in the Northern Cone. Like the neighbouring districts Comas, Los Olivos and Independencia, Puente Piedra has achieved in the last years a slow but steady economical and social growth.

The municipality, the community and aid agencies are trying hard to further develop the district. The fast growing economy, developing infrastructure and the visible progress, the district made in the last years, will not change the fact that Puente Piedra still is home to thousands of people living in unbelievably poor conditions.

General Info

Street: Calle 9 de Junio 100
Info: Northern cone of Lima
District: Puente Piedra
City: Lima
Postal Code (ZIP): Lima 22
Region: Lima


Size: 71.18 km²
Population: 233,602 citizens
Population Density: 3,282 citizens/km²
Altitude: 200 m (Municipality)

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