The District Chosica - Lurigancho

The District Chosica - LuriganchoThe District Chosica - Lurigancho
Municipalidad de Lurigancho - Chosica

The District Chosica - Lurigancho

The District Lurigancho – Chosica is east of the city center in the valley of the River Rimac and is the second largest district of Lima. It's "capital" is Chosica. Since the Trans-Andean railroad was built in the 19th century Chosica was a fashionable place for resting and partaking in leisure activities. At that time, many aristocratic families from Lima made the place their holiday home. And still today Chosica is a popular get away for Limeños in the winter months.

Contrary to Lima the climate is dryer and warm with sunny days throughout the year. Lurigancho – Chosica has some beautiful countryside areas, numerous recreational centers, well-known clubs and campsites. If you need a great place to get out of foggy, polluted Lima and enjoy yourself pay a visit to this area. Chosica is also the gateway to the Andes from where trekking and cycle excursions to San Pedro de Casta, Marcahuasi and Cataratas de Palacala start.

General Info

Street: Jr. Trujillo Sur 496
Info: East of city center
District: Lurigancho-Chosica
City: Lima
Postal Code (ZIP): Lima 15
Region: Lima


Size: 236.47 km²
Population: 169,359 citizens
Population Density: 716 citizens/km²
Altitude: 911 m (Municipality)

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