Parque Universitario

Parque UniversitarioParque Universitario
University Park

Parque Universitario

Just a few blocks from Plaza San Martin is the Parque Universitario (the University Park). The park was named after the National University of San Marcos (considered to be the first university in the Americas) that resided in the large mansion behind the park from 1867 until 1965. In 1870 the city wall that surrounded Lima was demolished and on the free space of 20,000m2 in front of the university a plaza was supposed to be constructed. But for years the area lay idle and was paved only 50 years later.

For the centenary of Peru's independence in 1921 the German community in Peru build a 30m high clock tower in the University Park. Every midday at 12.00 it plays the Peruvian National Anthem. In the following years 3 monuments were inaugurated: In 1922 the bronze and marble statue of Bartolomé Herrera, an important Peruvian personality, congress man and promoter of the national education, in 1924 a sculpture made of bronze and granite of Sebastián Lorente, the "Maestro de la Juventud" (Teacher of the Youth), a teacher and Spanish historian who founded the Colegio Nacional Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Lima and in 1931 a monument made from Italian marble dedicated to Hipólito Unanue, a precursor of the Peruvian Independence, a politician and doctor.

University Park in Lima

University Park in Lima

Hipolito Unanue at University Park

Monument of Hipolito Unanue, a precursor of the Peruvian Independence, politician and doctor. 

Clock Tower at University Park

The clock tower at University Park was a present from the German community for the cenetary of Peru's independence.

University Park in Lima

University Park with its famous clock tower, a present from the German community for the centenary of Peru's independence

The University Park has seen most of Lima's and Peru's more recent history: Declarations were announced and students riots took place here. After years of deterioration in the 80s and 90s - times where Lima had to cope with other issues - the University Park today shines in new splendor and is worth a visit to relax on one of the nice benches and feel a part of Peruvian history.

General Info

Street: Av. Nicolás de Piérola 1222
District: City Center
City: Lima
Region: Lima

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