Parque Kennedy and Parque Central

Parque Kennedy and Parque CentralParque Kennedy and Parque Central
Kennedy Park and Central Park

Parque Kennedy and Parque Central

Parque Central and Parque Kennedy unite to one big park in the heart of Miraflores. At daytime it's a beautiful place to have a little break and enjoy yourself. Here you find the Municipality of Miraflores, the main church "Virgen Milagrosa", a small information point (unfortunately they mostly only speak Spanish), a playground for the little ones and some nice restaurants and street cafes. Vendors sell yummy typical Peruvian sweets like "picarones" (a kind of donut prepared with yam or squash flour seasoned with cinnamon, anisette and salt and fried in oil).

In the afternoons and on weekends craftsmen and artists sell their work and sometimes musicians entertain everybody who wants to listen. Especially on weekends Parque Central and Parque Kennedy are the place for small fairs, crafts markets, family and cultural events. In the evenings the parks are a favorite meeting place for the youth and for those who want to enjoy their evening and go out.

Parque Kennedy Miraflores

The roundabout in Miraflores and behind Parque Kennedy

Parque Kennedy Miraflores

In the afternoons and on weekends local artist sell their works at Parque Kennedy

Virgen Milagrosa Church Miraflores

Church of Virgen Milagrosa at Parque Kennedy in Miraflores

Parque Kennedy Miraflores

Parque Kennedy in Miraflores

General Info

Street: Enclosed by Av. Larco and Av. Diagonal
Info: starts at the roundabout in Miraflores
District: Miraflores
City: Lima
Region: Lima


#Melinda Sue Burroughs2014-01-13 21:43
I was surprised, but pleased, to see U.S. President Kennedy honored by Parque Kennedy. I walked there on Sunday, Jan. 12, and enjoyed the artists' displays and the many families.
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