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Baked Potato - Peruvian Alternate?

Tuesday, October 14 2014, 10:52 AM
Hello. What a wonderful site. It's very informative. I am an American Peruvian now living in Lima. I love the baked potato that is so often served at any typical American restaurant. Are you familiar with the side dish, Baked Potato?. A big starchy white potato is usually used (Russet potato is the name). They hold their shape well and the interior absorbs well also (butter, etc.).

My questions is: In Lima Peru, what is a good alternate potato that has similar qualities to the Russet potato so I can make Baked Potatoes?

I hope someone can help?
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      Tuesday, October 14 2014, 10:19 PM - #permalink
      Hello Nestor,

      thanks for your compliments on LimaEasy.

      I love Baked Potatoes with sour cream ... or gratinated with cheese ... or ...

      Anyway it's difficult to say which potato you find here on the markets is the right one. It as well always depends on the quality of the potato. Personally I use Papa Yungay. Not really the same, but normally they stay a little bit firm on the outside and get mealy inside. But sometimes they fall apart. Other option could be Papa Canchan; I like them, but they are much firmer and aren't so starchy. Another good option, sometimes hard to get in Lima, is the Papa Negra which has a great taste, or the Papa Huamantanga.

      Enjoy tasting all the great Peruvian potatoes for finding the ideal one for your baked potatoes.

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