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Museo Aeronáutico

Aeronautical Museum

The Aeronautical Museum is located on the Air Force Base "Las Palmas" and occupies the building that for over 50 years was the headquarters of the School for the Peruvian Air Force Officers. The museum not "just" displays the aviation history of Peru, but describes as well the myth of flying and the desires and the worries of men who wanted to get airborne. The walls of the museum tell stories about the rich Peruvian aeronautic history.

The history of the Museo Aeronáutico started 1959 in the hangars of the Air Force Base "Las Palmas" in Surco when old items like documents, paintings, stamps and other valuable pieces were gathered. Additionally a few well-know Air Force personalities and civilians donated historic relevant objects. But only on the 19th of July 1992 the Aeronautical Museum was founded by means of a Supreme Degree and named "Museo Aeronautico del Peru". With the intention to exhibit everything associated to the aeronautical history, the museum was inaugurated by the former President of Peru Engineer Alberto Fujimori.

Aeronautical Museum in Lima

Model aircraft exhibited at the Aeronautical Museum in Lima

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

Herbert Tweddle Valdeavellano was the first Peruvian who was licenced as pilot in September 1920 in the Civil Aviation School of Lima. 

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

The Aeronautical Museum - Museo Aeronautico in Lima

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

Elmer Faucett and a group of Peruvian business men founded the first commercial airline in Lima, Peru in 1928. Here one of the planes

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

Jorge Chavez, a Peruvian aviator born in France, tragically died after he successfully air crossed the Alpes in 1910, but crashed upon landing. Here an old picture of the accident

The magnificent exhibits make you understand the desire and ideas of men like Leonardo de Vinci, Santiago de Cardenas, Pedro Ruiz Gallo and many other visionaries. Scale and non-scale models of primitive machines used for the first flying endeavors are displayed in one of the showrooms. Interesting the introduction to the great work of Pedro Paulet Mostajo, the Peruvian genius that was acknowledged by Werner von Braun as "The Father of the rocket science in the world".

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

The flying kit of Jose Quiñones, famous Peruvian aviator and national hero, displayed at the Aeronautical Museum on the Las Palmas Airbase

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

Alejandro Velasco Astete, a Peruvian pilot, is well known for being the first man to fly over the Andes in 1925. Here a picture of him with his plane.

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

The Peruvian pilot Alejandro Velasco Astete tragically died less than a month after his air crossing of the Andes when his plane crashed upon landing in Puno.

Museo Aeronautico - Aeronautical Museum in Lima

Aviation decorations displayed at the Aeronautical Museum at Las Palmas Airbase in Lima

The museum displays as well the heroic endeavors of Jorge Chavez and pioneers like Bielovucic and Tenaud. The development of the aeronautic technology is presented in the temporary exhibition rooms. Here you can see different airplane models, arms and various pieces of equipment that were used by the Peruvian Air Force. The walls of the museum tell stories about the energetic and faithful testimony of a rich aeronautic history, full of tradition, adventure, heroic episodes and fearless endeavours.

Exhibition Areas of the Museum

The Aeronautical Museum has the following exhibitions and areas:

  • Exhibition Room 1 "Between Myth and History" displays pieces of the Nazca, Chimu, dissected birds and reproductions of textiles that show the wish of ancient men to fly.
  • Exhibition Room 2 "Facts about Aviation History" shows a replica of the first air balloon, and gives information aboutthe first Peruvian flying it in 1840.
  • Exhibition Room 3 "Pedro Ruiz Gallo" gives us an understanding of the patriarch of Peruvian aviation.
  • Exhibition Room 4 is dedicated to "Pedro Paulet Mostajo", a pioneer of aerospace aviation who invented the first liquid fuel motor (1895) and the first rocket propulsion system (1900).
  • Exhibition Room 5 "Jorge Chavez" shows among other things Chavez's flight over the Alps, the achievements of Elmar Faucett and informs about the first Peruvian who visited the National School of Aeronautics of Peru.
  • Exhibition Room 6 is dedicated to "Alejandro Velasco Astete" the first pilot that flew over the Andes from Limato Cuzco in 1925.
  • Exhibition Room 7 "Aeronautical Body" informs about Lazaro Orrego.
  • Exhibition Room 8 displays photographs and personal belongings of "Armando Revoredo Iglesias".
  • The arcades of the museum shows different scale models of airships.
  • In various areas pictures, sculptures, badges and objects of heroes of Peruvian Aviation.

General Info

Street: Av. Jorge Chávez, Las Palmas
District: Santiago de Surco
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 247-5893 or 213-5200

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 08.00 am to 01.00 pm and 02.00 pm to 04.00 pm
Opening Hours Info: Call before visiting!
Entrance Fees: Adults: S/. 3, Children: S/. 1


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Gentlemen: I have a collection of old black-and-white photos from the earliest days of aviation in the Lima area, Arequipa, Hacienda Cinto, and Mollendo landing field. The first Ford Tri-Motor at Arequipa; and other pictures from Pan American Grace airlines, dating from 1919 and the 1930's. Would your museum be interested in these?
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