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Niños del RioNiños del Rio
The River Children - Help for Street Kids

Niños del Rio

Founded in the year 2000 the Franco-Peruvian association Niños del Rio helps and supports children living on Lima's streets. The assistance Niños del Rio provides, exceeds helping with tangibles. They offer an open ear for the children's problems, understanding and sympathy, love and support in every situation, and of course a way out of the street life. Niños del Rio considers themselves as a bridge between the street and other institutions.

Street Work

Niños del Rio work consists of three steps. Three times a week they head to Lima's streets. Here they get in contact with the children and adolescents offering alternative activities like games, music or just a conversation. The primary object is establishing a relationship with the street kids based on education, trust and dialog and beaconing them to a healthier lifestyle, the attendance at the "Casa Taller" and social reintegration.

The Casa Taller - Workshop Home

The work at the "Casa Taller" is based on the method "Learning by Example". At the "Workshop Home" Niños del Rio offers the children a space of peace and acceptance away from the street. Here the kids can take a shower, wash their clothes, play, talk and share a meal. Additionally Niños del Rio offers educational workshops developing social behavior, values and self-esteem as well as general knowledge and practical abilities. Main goal is surely the reintegration into their families or a home / center.

Niños del Rio on Lima's streets

Three times a week Niños del Rio visits the Lima's street contacting the street children and offering numerous activities.

Niños del Rio Casa Taller

The "Casa Taller" offers the street children a space of peace, acceptance and learning.

Niños del Rio

Cooking at the Casa Taller of Niños del Rio

Niños del Rio workshops

Educational workshops play an important role in getting the children of the street and re-integrate them into society.

Street work of Niños del Rio

The street work of Niños del Rio includes offering numerous activities for the children.

Support after the exit from the street

Once a child regularly attended the "Casa Taller", changed his / her behavior and is ready to voluntarily return home or enter a center, Niños del Rio continues to support the kids wherever they are. Visits on a regular basis, help in all situations and personal commitment assure that the kids don't feel left alone and keep going on their new way.

Right now Niños del Rio is working on another angle: a network of apartment rehabilitation centers. Children, whose families or homes don't want to help them, find here a place to continue their rehabilitation and social reintegration until they gain full independence.

How you can help the Niños del Rio

  • Volunteer: Everyone with the wish to help, support and love the street children is welcome, even if it's only for a few days, nights or weekends. Anyhow for the direct work with the children Spanish knowledge and a longer commitment is prefered to built up a relationship based on trust and communication. Volunteer work in the field of communication and funding is also more than welcome. For more info please contact Niños del Rio.
  • Donate used clothes for children, adolescents and adults, furniture, school supplies, supplies for arts and crafts, games and non-perishable food.
  • Donate money. Either transfer your donation directly to their Interbank checking account (Cuenta Corriente Soles Interbank) No. 009-3000488646 or get in contact with Niños del Rio.

General Info

Street: Jr. Marañón 391
Info: (Casa Taller)
District: Rimac
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 482-5015

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