Arts & Crafts Fair Pueblo Libre

Arts & Crafts Fair Pueblo LibreArts & Crafts Fair Pueblo Libre
Feria Artesanal

Arts & Crafts Fair Pueblo Libre

The artisan markets along Av. La Marina are less touristy than the markets in Miraflores and less convenient located. Anyhow even if the area suffered from the growing markets in Miraflores you can still find the one or other "mercado" selling a good variety of handicrafts from all over Peru.

The two bigger markets are Tesoros del Inka on Av. La Marina block 7 and the Gran Mercado Inka on block 8. Check out also adjoining Av. Sucre. When taking your time you surely find some treasures bringing back home from your trip. Prices at the markets in Pueblo Libre seem to be a little bit lower than in Miraflores, but still bargaining is a must!

General Info

Street: Av. La Marina block 6 and 8
District: Pueblo Libre
City: Lima
Region: Lima

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: daily frm around noon to 08.00 pm


#Cynthia2014-07-19 16:53
Is it open on sundays ? I wanna go but i'm afraid to found it closed.
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#Eva - Editor2014-07-19 22:11
Normally they are open Sundays as well.
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#Whittley2015-04-27 08:47
What are the average prices of t-shirts and figurines?
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#talia-LimaEasy2015-04-28 21:58
They have in all prices, from 20-50 soles in t-shirts (6-15 USD) and from 5-100 soles in figurines (1.50-30 USD), depending on which material they are made of.
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#lesly2015-06-30 11:51
y como tazas, algo tipico pequeño cuanto costara??? un aproximado????
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#Talia- Limaeasy2015-07-01 16:33
Los precios pueden variar mucho, desde 3 dolares en modelo sencillo hasta mas de 10 dolares.
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