Shopping Possibilities in Lima

Shopping Possibilities in Lima

Lima is a very diverse cosmopolitan city full of ancient history, but also very modern. It is an amazing melting pot of different Peruvian and international cultures and traditions. You will be amazed by the huge variety of shopping facilities the capital of Peru has to offer. It can be assured that nearly all tastes and preferences will be catered for.

You can shop on traditional fruit and veggie markets or in modern supermarkets. For clothes you have the choice between numerous fancy boutiques, department stores, street markets and everything in between. Unique Peruvian craftsmanship as well as cheap souvenirs can be found in exclusive shops or on Lima's crafts markets. Western-style shopping malls are contrastive to the "Peruvian Way of Shopping".

Lima is a great place for all your shopping needs and wishes. So enjoy your shopping experiences, either the modern or the traditional way.

Peruvian Product Prices

Product Prices

To give you some sort of idea what product prices in Peru are like, we have put together a list of common consumer products. The listed prices are by no means fixed and might vary according to manufacturer, market and the "small-store" (called "Bodega") around the corner or supermarket in which you go shopping. In particular the prices of fruits and vegetables depend on the season or your negotiating talent when buying in a market.

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Arts, Crafts & Souvenirs

It's common practice buying some typical crafts and souvenirs when visiting a foreign country. Peru has a rich diversity of artisan craftworks and you surely find something that will remind you of your amazing time here. If you don't want to drag around local bought souvenirs during your whole trip, Lima is a great place to find arts and crafts from around the country.

Arts, Crafts & Souvenirs...

Arts, Crafts & Souvenirs in Lima - Peru
Shopping Malls in Lima

Shopping Malls

Since 1997 a new generation of shopping malls conquered the capital of Peru. Starting with Lima's showpiece mall, the Jockey Plaza, today's shopping centers tend to turn into meeting places, like the main square in former times, offering its customers next to all possible shopping facilities also all kind of entertainment, fairs and exhibitions. After this model places like Larcomar, Marina Park, Real Plaza Primavera, Plaza Norte, Lima Plaza Sur, Molina Plaza and many more were built.

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Most supermarkets offer next to a wide range of breads, fruits and veggies, meat, poultry, fish, baby supplies, animal stuff, frozen foods and other groceries also household supplies, clothes, stationary and toys. Nothing compared to an American Wallmart or Target, but for many a good way to do their weekly shopping or just to get a glass of their favorite peanut butter, an imported cheese, chocolate or sweets from back home or a good bottle of wine.


Supermarkets in Lima

Prices Comparison

In comparison to Europe and North America the over-all prices are very reasonable. Merely with some imported goods you'll notice a higher price. In supermarkets, many fruit- and vegetables markets and in most shops the goods are priced (fixed prices) – so no bargaining possible / necessary. Also a bus (called "Micro") journey in and around Lima has a fixed price depending on the distance you travel. However, it is an absolute must to negotiate prices for a taxi fare in advance and reconfirm the price at least twice to avoid unwanted surprises...



Stunning on Lima markets is the great variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs from all over the country reflecting the rich biodiversity of Peru. Most merchants are very friendly and more than happy to explain the origin of for you unknown fruits or veggies and their preparation. In the last few years Limeños and expats living here got more conscious when buying food.


Markets in Lima
Department Stores in Lima

Department Stores

Today Lima is home to numerous western style department stores belonging to the three mayor retail players Oechsle, Ripley and Saga Falabella. Here you find everything from local and imported fashionable clothes including well-known brands, shoes, perfumes and beauty products, toys, electric household and entertainment appliances, toys, furniture, home decoration and much more.

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Shopping The Peruvian Way

Spread around Lima are numerous shopping complexes uniting a large number of merchants in one location. Here you find everything from clothes and shoes to electronic and entertainment equipment, to toys and perfumes. Mostly frequented by locals of all social classes these places offer a huge variety of products and amazing low prices. But be careful, not all is gold that glitters. It is quite common to find also counterfeit products from well-known brands offered for spectacular cheap prices.

The Peruvian Way...

Shopping The Peruvian Way