It's always best to know a bit of the local language before traveling to a foreign country. Even if many locals speak good english, you simply can't count on being able to get by with english alone. You'll be well served by a working understanding of spanish, when encountering spanish language signs at the airport and around the city, and menus at restaurants.

The staff writers here at Lima Easy have put together this simple comparison of recommended spanish language learning resources to help you on your next trip.

Option 1: Rosetta Stone

rosetta-stoneIf your stay is a long one or you are going to Lima for work, you will need a comprehensive spanish vocabulary, closer to a native Spanish speaker. That's what Rosetta Stone specializes in, making you fluent in another language.

It's probably not the right choice for a week-long trip since the time and money investment is quite high however. Rosetta stone is available in bookstores but you'll find the best price is consistantly on Amazon.com

I used Rosetta stone myself and am now able to hold basic conversation in Spanish and communicate ideas. We're talking between 2000 and 3000 words.

Of the three options listed here, it is by far the largest time commitment but provided you put the time in, will leave you with the most thorough spanish language comprehension. The price for the package is usually around $250 online but it's frenquently on sale.

Check prices on Rosetta stone at Amazon.com >>

Option 2: DuoLingo Android App


This is a iOS or Android App that turns learning spanish into a sort of "game." It's set up in a series of modules and you have to pass with a certain "score" to move onto the next module. For motivation, you can set it to send you a daily email reminder.

I tried DuoLingo for about a week and found it to be pretty good. It doesn't help as much with pronunciation as some other options but it's compact because it works on a smart phone.

Look for the "DuoLingo" app in your app marketplace to start using it.



Option 3: Synergy Spanish

synergyspanish31This is an innovative system geared toward teaching you the bare minimum number of words (starting with just 89) that gives you the maximum spanish utility.

While it may not be enough to read a novel in spanish, it's guaranteed to teach you enough to do the essentials - ask for directions, exchange money, order food, and understand signs around the city.

It's a real guarantee too, 30 days or your money back.

Synergy Spanish is much more affordable than the much better known "Rosetta Stone," in fact the first lessons are free - so give it a try.


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