What if you need Help in Lima?

What if you need Help in Lima?

Experiencing any type of big or small emergency while visiting a foreign country can be quite stressful and sometimes even scary. But there is no need to panic if you are mugged or robbed, need emergency medical attention, become unexpectedly sick and have to consult or even stay in a hospital or just need a special medicine during your stay in Lima. Even if you won't expect it in a "3rd World Country", here in Lima you will find very good services and professionals.

Our listing of emergency numbers and contact details for the tourist police and police stations, for good ambulance services, for pharmacies including places where to find homeopathic and natural medicine, for recommended hospitals and various institutions giving you support, will help you to find the right service in case you need it. Hopefully you won't need any of them, but it's always better to be prepared...

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers

There are central emergency phone numbers for the police and the fire department. Amazingly the whole of Lima is only covered by voluntary fire brigades and the service they provide is very good! Hopefully you'll never need them, but in case you do...

Emergency Numbers...


Police Stations & Units

In case you need to get in contact with a police station or a special police unit, our list should be a great help. While every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this list is accurate, the content is provided "as is" and [LimaEasy] makes no representations or warranties...

Police Stations & Units...

Police Stations & Units in Lima, Peru
Ambulances & Services in Lima

Ambulances & Services

The standard of emergency medicine and ambulance services has rapidly improved over the last few years. Most private ambulance services have modern vehicles, are prepared for all kind of emergencies and equipped to international standards including ventilators and defibrillators. If you aren't a member of any private ambulance service or haven't signed up to one of their plans, they charge you for their visit.

Ambulances & Services...


Pharmacies & Medicine

Lima has a wide network of pharmacies. In case you need one, you find a "botica" or "farmacia" literally around every corner. The bigger pharmacies are generally well sorted and offer quite a wide variety of medicine and drugstore articles. Many drugs available elsewhere only with a prescription can very often be bought over the counter, mainly at reasonable prices. Some bigger pharmacies in Lima offer a 24 hours delivery service. Just order by phone and a motorbike courier delivers to your door step.

Pharmacies & Medicine...

Pharmacies & Medicine in Lima, Peru

Health Facts Peru:

  • Life expectancy total population: 74 years
  • Birth rate 19.4 births / 1000 citizens
  • Death rate 5.5 deaths / 1000 citizens
  • Malnourished children under 5 years 18.1%

Major Infectious Diseases in Peru

  • Food or waterborne diseases: Bacterial, hepatitis A and typhoid fever
  • Vector borne disease: Dengue fever, malaria and yellow fever
  • Water contact disease: Leptospirosis

Homeopathic Medicine

Peru has one of the largest bio diversities of the world. It is home to around 25,000 plant species, 10% of the world total. Some 2000 plants in Peru are believed to have medical and pharmacological properties. Already early cultures in Peru used medicinal plants and herbs to prevent diseases and heal illnesses. This traditional knowledge of the wide variety of natural products and their use was passed on to modern times.

Homeopathic Medicine...

Homeopathic Medicine
International Hospitals & Clinics in Lima, Peru

International Hospitals & Clinics

In case you get unexpectedly sick during your stay in Lima and need medical care, there is no reason to panic. Health care in Lima's private clinics is very good and can withstand the comparison with hospitals in the US or Europe. Most private clinics are well-resourced with state of the art equipment and drugs. In case of an emergency you find qualified doctors and nurses treating you according to international standards and methods.

Hospitals & Clinics...


Supporting Institutions

Our listing contains a selection of Institutions and Organizations providing help for alcohol, drug, AIDS/HIV and gaming related problems. We have also listed some specifically supporting women.

Supporting Institutions...

Supporting Institutions in Lima, Peru