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Enjoy tradtional music from the Andean regions of Peru

Since 2006 Peru celebrates the Día de la Canción Andina (the Day of the Andean Song or probably better the Day of Andean Music) each year on the 15th of June.

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Native Peruvian Musical Instruments

A Temporary Exhibition at MNAAH worth visiting

Peru's cultural heritage is immensely varied. With such an overwhelming range smaller, but not less interesting or important parts of the Peruvian culture are often faded into the background. Since ancient times for example musical instruments play an important role in the life of indigenous people in the Andean and Amazon regions of Peru. Back then as today music is not only used to express feelings, but also to accentuate native rituals, ceremonies and festivities.

Showing and explaining these Peruvian treasures to a wider audience the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History in Lima opens an interesting temporary exhibition about Musical Instruments of the Andean and Amazon Regions (Instrumentos Musicales Andinos y Amazónicos) worth visiting.

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The 75th Grape Harvest Festival of Surco

75° Festival de la Vendimia de Surco

It's Grape Harvest week in Lima's district of Surco; a time to celebrate customs, traditions and the cultural heritage of the old wine district.

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