Refreshing Pisco based Cocktail (alcoholic)

The Chilcano (or also known as Chilanito) is a traditional Peruvian cocktail based on Pisco (grape brandy). The Chilcano has lately become very popular and can be found in nearly every bar and restaurant in the country. References mentioning the drink date back to the early twentieth century. In Peru every year the Chilcano is celebrated with a week dedicated to the cocktail where variations with different fruit juices or soft drinks are presented.

Whenever we have friends around it is always part of the ritual to have a couple of rounds of Chilcanos and then later one continue with some great Pisco Sour's. Especially in summer time and on hot days this long drink is very refreshing and also a great sun-downer...

The original version of the Chilcano has to be prepared with Ginger Ale and lime juice, but this cocktail gives you many possibilities to experiment with different fruit juices and soft drinks. There are different types of Pisco, but we prefer to use a "Pisco Quebranta" for our recipe.

Try out our "special" recipe for the Chilcano