A Temporary Exhibition at MNAAH worth visiting

Peru's cultural heritage is immensely varied. With such an overwhelming range smaller, but not less interesting or important parts of the Peruvian culture are often faded into the background. Since ancient times for example musical instruments play an important role in the life of indigenous people in the Andean and Amazon regions of Peru. Back then as today music is not only used to express feelings, but also to accentuate native rituals, ceremonies and festivities.

Showing and explaining these Peruvian treasures to a wider audience the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History in Lima opens an interesting temporary exhibition about Musical Instruments of the Andean and Amazon Regions (Instrumentos Musicales Andinos y Amazónicos) worth visiting.

Starting this Friday, 13th of September the museum exhibits about a hundred selected indigenous musical instruments belonging to the private collection of the musician and musicologist Arturo Enrique (Kike) Pinto Cárdenas, president of the Andean Amazon Institute of Culture and Social Development TAKI as well as founder and director of the TAKI Museum of Musical Instruments in Cuzco.

The exhibition includes

Antaras (special pan pipes) like the Kuntur Phukana (a condor feather pan flute) or Siku (an Andean pan pipe)
Quenas (traditional Andean flute) like the Pijun (made of deer bones), the Kuntur Qina (made of condor bones) and the Ju-Ju (made of the deer skull),
Trumpets like phututu (made of conch) and waqra phuku (made of bull horn),
Different native percussion instruments
Sonajas (native tambourines) like bakich (made of fruits), shakapa (ceremonial tambourine made of leaves) and
Numerous string instruments like domingachas (Andean harp), violín, charangos (small Andean guitar), chilladores (even smaller Peruvian guitar)
and many more native Peruvian musical instrument not seen every day.

Visitors Details

Location:National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History. Plaza Bolivar, Pueblo Libre
Date: 13th of September to 4th of October 2013
Time: Tue to Sat 08.45 am to 04.00 pm, Sun 08.45 am to 03.00 pm
Entrance: free