Taste Peru's best cacao and chocolate products

Cacao is part of Peru since ancient times. It was a fundamental element in previous cultures and their rituals. But just in recent years Peru's high quality cacao beans became popular and acknowledged around the world for their exquisite, unique aroma and high fat content.

To promote Peruvian cacao and chocolate the "Feria de Chocolateros" or in short "Chocoferia" takes place at the main square, the Plaza Municpial, in Barranco this weekend from Friday, June 13th to Sunday, June 15th from 11.00 am onwards. Next to music, folkloric dances and a parade, Peruvian chocolatiers demonstrate the fine arts of chocolate making. And most important: at the 35 stands chocolate products can not only be admired and tasted, no there these little temptations are also on sale.