Numismatic Museum of Peru

Numismatic Museum of PeruNumismatic Museum of Peru
Museo Numismático del Peru

Numismatic Museum of Peru

In the beautiful restored mansion of the "Tribunal Mayor de Cuentas" from the 17th century the Numismatic Museum was inaugurated on the 25th of March 2004. It belongs to the Museum of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. The Museo Numismático  displays a unique collection of mainly coins, banknotes and medals, beginning with the origin of the Peruvian currency during Colonial times and the foundation of the "Casa de la Moneda" (House of Money).

Furtheron the museum shows and explains the development und importance of the Peruvian currency during Independence and Republican times from the "Sol de Plata" to the "Libra Peruana", from the inauguration of the "Banco Central de la Reserva del Peru" to the "Sol del Oro", from coins to banknotes and medals. The exhibition doesn’t only explain the currency itself with displaying unique pieces of different types of currencies, but as well the manufacturing process, the changes it went through, the art behind it and its role in the economic history of Peru.

Casa de la Moneda (House of Money) in Lima

Exterior view of the Casa de la Moneda (House of Money) in Lima. One floor houses the Museo Numismatico

Numismatic Museum in Lima

Plaque at the entrance of the Casa de la Moneda in Lima

Numismatic Museum in Lima

In the interior of the Casa de la Moneda you find an amazing glass ceiling

Numismatic Museum in Lima

The Numismatic Museum displays an amazing exhibition of ancient Peruvian banknotes and coins

Numismatic Museum in Lima

The great collection of old Peruvian coins and banknotes at the Numismatic Museum in Lima visualizes the history of money in Peru

The Exhibition Halls (chronically structured)

  • Sala 1: The origins - from Colonial times to Independence
  • Sala 2: Republican times - Sol de Plata and Libra Peruana
  • Sala 3: National Reserve Bank of Peru and Sol de Oro
  • Sala 4: Peruvian banknotes
  • Sala 5: Peruvian medals

General Info

Street: Jr. Junin 781
District: City Center
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 613-2000

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 10.00 am to 04.3 pm
Opening Hours Info: For guided tours please call in advance to arrange an appointment!
Entrance Fees: Free


#Rosemary Fraser2014-03-11 09:56
This museum is closed on Mondays, always. As are most museums in Lima. We discovered this after a long and hot and sticky walk.
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#Eva - Editor2014-03-11 11:44
Sorry Rosemary, I have to disagree. Only some public museums are closed on Mondays, lots of public and private ones are open.
According to Mincetur, the Tourism Ministry, and BCRP, the Peruvian Central Bank who operates the Numismatic Museum (""), it's as indicated above open Mon to Fri from 10.00 am to 04.00 pm. I will try to personally get in contact with the museum to reconfirm their opening hours.
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