Museums in Lima

Museums in Lima

Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical and cultural past. Long before the Common Era until the arrival of the Spaniards numerous highly advanced cultures settled the area of today's Lima. Even nowadays they amaze us with their complex skills in construction, agriculture and arts. The Spanish colonists added to this legendary cultural legacy. This completely different culture with European and Moorish influences are mixed with the indigenous cultural and religious inheritance. In the last couple of hundred years immigrants from Africa and Asia added their part.

The fusion of so many different cultures and traditions makes Lima to what it is today. A reflection of this complexity can be found in an incredible number of museums spread around the city. They display the richness and diverse facets of Lima's and Peru's culture. There is something for everyone: archaeological, cultural and historical museums, art and popular art museums, museums dedicated to famous Peruvian personalities, technology and military museums, natural history and earth science museums and many others.

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The Abtao Submarine Museum

The submarine Abtao served 48 years in the Peruvian Navy. In 1998 Abtao was decommissioned and became the first floating museum in Latin America. Being inside a submarine is for us landlubbers always exciting, but visiting the Abtao is much more than that. A special sound and vibration system combined with a "real" command post and other gadgets turn us spectators into participants and let us experience life on a submarine.

The Naval Museum

The significance and magnitude of the Peruvian Navy finds a place of permanent memory and recognition in the "Naval Museum". The fascinating naval and maritime history of Peru is shown with archaeological testimonies, personal objects of war heroes, ship models, instruments for navigation, photos, paintings, jewellery, sculptures and documents. In the library you will find all sort of books connected with the maritime history.

Museum of the Fire Brigade Italia No.5

The exhibition area of the fire brigades museum is located in the fire station of the "Compañía de Bomberos Italia No. 5" in Callao. The museum displays objects related to the history of the station, put together with lots of love and dedication. You will find manuscripts, photos, uniforms, accessories for extinguishing fires and beautiful vehicles. This museum is an absolute must for all enthusiasts.

Peruvian Navy Theme Park

The theme park of the Peruvian Navy is dedicated to all Peruvian marines who heroically defended their country. Main attractions are a mini-submarine of the Peruvian Special Forces, a Grumman plane and a real size replica of the submarine Abtao. But there is much more to see on the 12,000 m2 areal: the patrol boat "Rio Supe", different vehicles used in Vietnam and in the fight against terror in Peru.

Peruvian Air Force Theme Park

The theme park of the Peruvian Air Force is homage to the brave Peruvian pilots who defended their country. The open air museum exhibits various war planes like a Cessna T-37 B "tweety bird", a Sukhoi SU-22, a Queen Air A-80 or AN 32-B and helicopters. Impressive are the displayed rocket launchers including ammunition and the launching platforms with their missiles.

Museum Antonio Raimondi

The "Museum Raimondi" is a part of the group of integral institutions of the Educational Association Antonio Raimondi, a private organization of the Italian community in Peru, which aim is to promote and strengthen the bonds between Peru and Italy. The museum was founded in 1981 to preserve the legacy and work of the most important naturalistic traveler in Peruvian history, the Italian Antonio Raimondi.

Peruvian Silver Museum Vittorio Azzariti

The Museo de Platería Peruana Vittorio Azzariti is part of the Educational Association Antonio Raimondi. The museum displays one of the best collections of silver objects of the Colonial and Republican period in whole Peru. The unique pieces show the remarkable high manual skills of craftsmen during the Colonial era, a tradition that goes back to pre-Hispanic times. Shown are religious objects, images of planetary constellations, animals and many more beautiful pieces that are worth seeing.

Museum of Peruvian Hands

Manos Peruanas (Peruvian hands) offers a place to discover the creative world of Peru's masters of folk artists that still work with traditional techniques, cultural expression, myths and legends that were used for many hundreds years by the indigenous Peruvians.

Museum Coronel Leoncio Prado

Coronel Leoncio Prado fought in Chile, Peru, Cuba, Central America and the Philippines against Spanish oppression and along with the Peruvian resistance against Chilean occupation. The museum, located inside the Military School "Leoncio Prado", is dedicated to this heroic man. It shows photos, paintings, flags and personal belongings of the national hero Coronel Leoncio Prado.

Museum of the Combatants Morro of Arica

The "Museo de los Combatientes del Morro de Arica" is dedicated to Colonel Francisco Bolognesi Cervantes. It displays weapons, uniforms, photos and paintings concerning the lost battle near Arica in the war against Chile. The main mission of the museum is to develop the national spirit, to be a connection point between army and civilians and to remember this glorious combat.

Archaeological and Anthropological Museum San Marcos University

The museum was founded in 1919 and is today a part of the Cultural Centre of the University of San Marcos. The collection holds a wide variety of archaeological objects like textiles, ceramics, lithics, metals and organic materials. Furthermore the valuable documental patrimony's "Archivo Tello" and "Archivo Rebeca Carrión" are brought to the visitor's attention.

Pre-Colombian Museum of Anthropology and Agriculture

Located in the "Centro de Investigaciones de Zonas Aridas de la Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina", the museum exhibits ancient tools of historical and cultural value. The main aim is to gather, classify, study and display these archeological pieces. So we today can learn how early cultures used their skills to adapt to their harsh environment and cultivate the dry coastal area and the semi dry Andes region.

Art Museum of the San Marcos University

The museum opened its doors to the public in 1970. Paintings from the great painters of the 16th to 20th century and a collection of popular art are displayed. Next to portraits of illustrious people, reproductions and contemporary art from Painters like José Sabogal, Teodoro Nuñez Ureta, Eduardo Tokeshi und Milner Cajahuaringa you will find more than 1000 pieces of popular art from Arequipa, Junín, Cusco and Puno.

Natural History Museum of the San Marcos University

The Museum of Natural History was founded in 1918 to collect, conserve, investigate and exhibit organisms and samples of the Peruvian natural patrimony. It's a real treasure chest when it comes to Peruvian flora and fauna. Displayed are objects from the Stone Age until today. Very impressive are the skeletons of a sperm whale and fossils of glacial mammals.

Natural History Museum of the University Ricardo Palma

The Museo de Historia Natural URP was founded in 1991 to preserve and research the rich Peruvian biodiversity and at the same time make the general public aware about the countries natural treasures. The museum has two exhibition rooms displaying a wide variety of botanical, zoological and paleontological  samples. A visit is a great way to get an excellent overview of Peruvian flora and fauna. 

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