Museums in Lima

Museums in Lima

Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical and cultural past. Long before the Common Era until the arrival of the Spaniards numerous highly advanced cultures settled the area of today's Lima. Even nowadays they amaze us with their complex skills in construction, agriculture and arts. The Spanish colonists added to this legendary cultural legacy. This completely different culture with European and Moorish influences are mixed with the indigenous cultural and religious inheritance. In the last couple of hundred years immigrants from Africa and Asia added their part.

The fusion of so many different cultures and traditions makes Lima to what it is today. A reflection of this complexity can be found in an incredible number of museums spread around the city. They display the richness and diverse facets of Lima's and Peru's culture. There is something for everyone: archaeological, cultural and historical museums, art and popular art museums, museums dedicated to famous Peruvian personalities, technology and military museums, natural history and earth science museums and many others.

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The Amano Museum

Founded by Yoshitaro Amano the Museum Amano most probably displays the best collection of textiles and ceramics of the Chancay culture. Additionally a large number of mainly ceramics belonging to the Kotosh, Moche, Chimu, Cunispique and Nazca culture are exhibited.

Postal and Philatelic Museum

The museum was housed in the Central Post Office in Lima and showed a lot of diverse material somehow related to the Peruvian postal history. Unfortunately the Postal and Philatec Museum was closed in 2010.

The Electricity Museum

The nice and small museum is dedicated entirely to the history and development of electricity in Peru. The main subjects are: Pioneers, power generation, energy sources, the impact of electricity on daily life, energy saving and finally the history of electrical trains in Lima. You will find a historical archive about electricity companies and a library.

Archaeological Museum Josefina Cox

Located in the traditional Casa O'Higgins in the historical center of Lima the Archaeological Museum Josefina Ramos Cox preserves the pre-Hispanic history. The main collection includes objects recovered from the Archaeological Complex of Maranga including amazing ceramics, mate vessels, textiles and many other interesting archaeological findings.

The Oil Museum

The Museo de Petroleo (Oil Museum) is located in the Parque de las Leyendas. The small museum offers an educational exhibition about the process of exploration, exploitation and the transforming of oil and its derivatives. Scale models, diagrams, photos and interactive panels visualize the complex methods.

Neuropathology Museum - The Brain Museum

The Institute of Neurological Science (INCN) in Lima houses the only "Brain Museum" in Latin America. The magnificent and amazing collection contains over 3000 samples from which around 300 are on permanent display, including brains with diverse cerebral injuries or abnormalities and fetuses, a unique assortment of pathological microphotographs and other samples of academic scientific importance in the field of neurological science.

Ethnographic Museum Cultural Center José Pio Aza

The museum provides a space where you can see and learn more about the "human and cultural side" of the Amazonian region in Peru. Displayed are more than 1000 objects including textiles of all kinds, masks, musical instruments, ceramics, vessels, armaments and much more. The main aim of the museum is to bring close the Amazon region by showing these objects.

Peruvian Culture Museum

The museum of Peruvian Culture displays the most important public collection of handmade and ethnographic objects from colonial and republican times. Additionally you will find beautiful pre-Columbian pieces that show the historical, cultural and artistic development. The collections contain mate vessels, paintings, ceramics, religious objects, sculptures and textiles.

Graphic Museum El Peruano

Editora Peru, the publishing company of the official Peruvian daily "El Peruano", inaugurated the Graphic Museum El Peruano in 1999 in their head office in Lima. The museum shows the nearly 200 years spanning history of the oldest Peruvian newspaper, founded by Simon Bolivar in 1825.

The Police History Museum

The Police museum is located in a Colonial building near the Plaza Italia. Its mission is to collect all items related to the history of the Peruvian Police Force, to conserve and to exhibit these objects to make the general public aware of the richness of this cultural heritage. Displayed are documents, uniforms, rifles, pictures and many more things from the start of the Police force in Inca times and from the Colonial and Republican era.

Museum of the Japanese Immigration

Opened in 1989, the "Museo Conmemorativo de la Inmigración Japonesa" preserves, investigates and spreads the past and present history of Japanese immigrants and their progeny in Lima. The Museum displays an important collection of historical documents, photos and other pieces concerning the first Japanese immigrants.

Museum for National Identification RENIEC

The aim of the "Museum of Identification" is to make people aware of the importance of identification and the uniqueness of each person (in Peru around one million people live without being registered and therefore without legal documents!). You are guided through the history and development of identification in Peru und the world from the early ages until today.

Museum of Election and Democracy

Founded in December 2005 the Electoral Museum takes you on a journey through the electoral past and the history of democracy in Peru. The museum displays invaluable objects dating back to 1828. The collection includes a presidential sash, medals, photos, written and graphic documents, electoral certificates, ballot boxes and many other things showing the electoral and political efforts leading Peru to democracy.

Museum of Criminology National Police of Peru

The museum aims to make the general public aware of the work and achieved successes of the DIRINCRI fighting organized crime. Displayed are mainly photos, a collection of coins, weapons and other objects used by delinquents.

Aeronautical Museum

The Aeronautical Museum is located on the Air Force Base "Las Palmas" and occupies the building that for over 50 years was the headquarters of the School for the Peruvian Air Force Officers. The museum not "just" displays the aviation history of Peru, but describes as well the myth of flying and the desires and the worries of men who wanted to get airborne. The walls of the museum tell stories about the rich Peruvian aeronautic history.

65 results - showing 31 - 4512345