MATE - Mario Testino Association

MATE - Mario Testino AssociationMATE - Mario Testino Association
Asociacion Mario Testino

MATE - Mario Testino Association

Mario Testino is one of the world's most influential photographers, well-known for his pictures of the British Royal family, his work with famous actors and beauties for the greatest international magazines, his creative exhibitions and books. In July 2012 he realized a new project, MATE - the Mario Testino Association in Lima's bohemian district Barranco.

Located in a beautifully restored 19th century mansion, Mate houses the largest collection of Mario Testino's photographs fulfilling the artists wish having his work permanently in his hometown Lima and contributing to the country's cultural and artistic scene.

At the same time the mission of the non-profit Mario Testino Association is to promote cultural and artistic exchange by giving local artists a space to exhibit their works and by providing a dynamic platform to launch projects both locally and internationally.


Since April 2014 the MATE hosts a Permanent Collection, an ongoing display of seminal works, by its founder, Mario Testino. Testino has made MATE the home of his photographic works. As the collection continues to grow, new selections will be curated in the galleries from every aspect of his practice. The Permanent Collection complements MATE's continued cultural projects and temporary exhibitions by Peruvian and international artists.

Mario Testino Association

The Mario Testino Association (MATE) is dedicated to the permanent exhibition of the work of the prominent Peruvian artist Mario testino

Barranco Residence of MATE

After an extensive renovation and refurbishment, the 19th century Republican townhouse in Barranco houses the Mario Testino Association with permanent exhibition of this famous photographer.

Mario Testino Exhibition

Since 2012 the largest collection of Mario Testino's work elegantly decorates the walls of MATE's Barranco residence.

MATE Bodega

Inviting and beautifully arranged "bodega" at MATE


Relax while enjoying classic delights with a contemporary twist at the MATE Café

The collection is devided into themed rooms, each exhibiting a specific aspect of Testino's work that lends itself to periodic changes. These include rooms on Testino's muses Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen, music legend Madonna, Hollywood celebrities and his diverse group compositions taken for magazines such as Vogue and brands such as Gucci.

There is a separate room dedicated to Testino's portraits of Diana, Princess of Wales. These images, taken for Vanity Fair magazine in 1997, were Diana's last official portraits. Also displayed in this room is a replica of the Versace gown she wore on the day of the sitting as well as specially designed furniture which featured in the curation of Testino's record-breaking exhibition of these very portraits at Kensington Palace in London (2005), Diana's home.

The Permanent Collection also sees a selection of previously not exhibited images from Testino's popular Alta Moda series. Alta Moda, first shown at MATE in 2013, is a series of photographic portraits of traditional and festive dress from the mountainous region of Cusco in Peru. The display also incorporates a video showing the making of this series.


Decorated in Republican style, the Café MATE offers delicious, freshly prepared sandwiches and salads as well as luscious treats in an inviting and comfortable space. The MATE Café also has a nice terrace where you can relax under Royal Poinciana tress and enjoy not only the good food, but also the tranquility and beautiful scenery.

Bodega MATE

Resembling the typical early 20th century shops in Lima, Bodega MATE offers a line of products specially designed with pictures of Mario Testino for MATE. The assortment ranges from pins, postcards, books, posters and puzzles to original photographs made by the artist. The Bodega MATE has an interesting selection of design products that make perfect gifts for any oaccsion.

General Info

Street: Av. Pedro de Osma 409
District: Barranco
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 251-7755

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: Tue to Sat 11.00 am to 08.00 pm, Sun 11.00 am to 06.00 pm
Opening Hours Info: Closed on 01.01., Holy Thursday, Good Friday, 01.05., 24.12., 25.12., 31.12
Entrance Fees: Peruvians: Adults S/. 10, Students and Seniors S/.5, Children under 6 years S/. 2
Entrance Fees: Foreign Visitors: General S/. 20

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