La Casa del Chocolate - ChocoMuseo Lima

La Casa del Chocolate - ChocoMuseo LimaLa Casa del Chocolate - ChocoMuseo Lima
Cacao and Chocolate Museum

La Casa del Chocolate - ChocoMuseo Lima

At the end of July 2012 ChocoMuseo opened "La Casa del Chocolate", a museum dedicated to cacao and chocolate, in Lima's district Miraflores. While the main aim is introducing the visitors to the secret of this addicting treat including the history of cacao and the production process, the museum also offers workshops where you can make your own chocolate products. Delicious and fun!

The Museum

At "La Casa del Chocolate" you learn everything you need to know about cacao and chocolate. Starting with the history of cacao from the Mayas until today, the introduction of cacao to Peru, cacao trees and plantations to the preparation of chocolate and lots of informative and fun facts, the museum combines knowledge about cacao and chocolate with the love for and taste of it.

A highlight of your visit to the Cacao and Chocolate Museum surely is the Artisanal Factory. Here the team makes different kinds of chocolate and chocolate products, like Cacao tea, chocolate liqueur, pure chocolate paste, chocolate bars and pralinés. And you follow live each step of the process from the cacao bean to the final products. By the way ChocoMuseo only uses local, organic cacao beans and supports fair trade.

Guided tours are offered in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German.

The Workshops

At the workshops you are finally hands-on into the pleasure of learning to make you own chocolate.

Casa de Chocolate

The Casa de Chocolate houses the cacao and chocolate museum in Miraflores.

Choco Museum

The Choco Museum is a museum dedciated to cacao and chocolate explaining all what you need to know this addicting and delicious treat 

Workshops at the Choco Museum

Make your own chocolate at one of the Choco Museum's workshops. Fun for the whole family!

Café at the Choco Museum

The café invites you to chocolate based drinks and delicious sweets including chocolate fondue .

Shop at the Choco Museum

The shop inside the Choco Museum offers a wide range of chocolate products.

Daily workshops suitable and fun as well for kids are "From the cacao bean to the chocolate bar" and "Chocolate Truffle making". For the small ones there is a special Mini Workshop including chocolate fondue. For monthly changing special workshops like "Chocolate Sculptures" or "Fine chocolate making" please get in contact with ChocoMuseo Lima. 

Workshops are held in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese.

Café, Shop and Tours

Additionally the museum has an inviting café where you can taste different kinds of chocolate based drinks and pastries and a small shop where you can buy chocolate products of all sorts.

While "La Casa del Chocolate" is surely the place for all chocolate lovers (and who isn't?) to indulge into the history, the preparation and taste of this delicious treat, for those who even want to go further, ChocoMuseo Lima as well offers visits to cacao plantations.

General Info

Street: Calle Berlin 375
District: Miraflores
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 445-9708
Cell: (+51) 983 361 342

Visitors Details

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 11.00 am to 07.30 pm
Opening Hours: Workshops: Mon to Sun 11.30 am, 02.30 pm and 05.30 pm
Entrance Fees: Museum: free
Entrance Fees: 2 hour Workshops: Adults S/. 70, Children (4 - 12 years) S/. 50


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We visited the "Casa del Chocolate" and had a great time...

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Do you sell Cacaosuyo milk chocolate?
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