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LimaKids, a social benefit program of the Peruvian non-governmental organization AB PRISMA, was founded in May 2005 by Joe Donroe, Charo Arroyo and Dave Moore in Lima, Peru. LimaKids mission is to provide an alternative line of support for children and adolescents living in orphanages or in socially risky situations , especially those who are either living on the streets or in extreme poverty or both, and who are highly vulnerable to violence, sexual exploitation and substance abuse.

These goals are shared by many organizations, what differentiate the LimaKids approach is their vision and methods. LimaKids target at-risk children through projects and programs that bring sports and art to these populations. Adapting an idea developed in England the LimaKids founding project was a tournament of 6-a-side football (known as "fulbito" in Peru) in 2005 that directly involved over 250 children from 10 orphanages. The success of this tournament stimulated the evolution of the project into a league format which provided more regular matches, and thus social interaction, for participating children and their supporters. La Liga Limakids was born which has continued to grow year on year and which now has the Fair Play concept at its heart.

Football tournament

Football Tournament 

Street Kids Clinic

Street Kids Clinic

La Liga Limakids

La Liga Limakids, a 6-a side-soccer tournament


Playing children

Street Kids Clinic

Busy day at the Street Kids Clinic

Additionally LimaKids runs the only medical outreach service, the Street Kids Clinic or Policlinico LimaKids, for street children in Lima. The outreach medical clinic of Limakids operates every Thursday attending patients between 4pm and 7pm in the El Agustino area of Lima. By coordinating their programs and events with more than 20 children homes and orphanages, an informal collaborative network has evolved which delivers a more effective platform of support than each individual partner and provides a range of options to facilitate an exit from the streets for those children who choose to ask for help.

While La Liga Limakids and the Policlinico Limakids are the founding projects and the core of LimaKids activities, the organization developed a range of additional projects to broaden the range of opportunities available to the target population.

How can you Help LimaKids?

  • Volunteer. All volunteers are welcome, especially on tournament days. For further information please get in contact with Limakids
  • Donate money. Either get in contact with Limakids or donate via their website
  • Sponsor a LimaKids football team for a year. For $ 640 you can become the sole sponsor of one team and provide it with all necessities. More information can be found on the LimaKids web page
  • Shop at Just use the link on the Limakids website as they earn a small percentage of your purchases without costing you a penny (and every little help counts!)

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Region: Lima

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