LimaEasy’s Social Commitment

LimaEasy’s Social Commitment LimaEasy’s Social Commitment
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LimaEasy’s Social Commitment
LimaEasy’s Social Commitment

LimaEasy is by no means a "Social Project", but we feel a strong commitment to the community and over the last years we managed to participate and organize various little projects mostly focusing on kids in Lima. Even though these social engagements have been on a micro scale compared to the work many of the bigger official social institutions are realizing on a daily base it is really rewarding to see the gratefulness in every event!

We would like to share some images of the last projects below.

You are more than welcome to support us in our efforts and if you wish to contribute with a donation, please get in touch with us (Contact Form).

LimaEasy's Social Engagement 2012 - Ate Vitarte, Lima

For Christmas this year we went back to our "social engagement" rootes and managed to be once again part of a "chocolatada" for the children of a poor neighborhood in Ate Vitarte. We helped with lots of milk and chocolate to prepare the popular Peruvian hot chocolate and donated panetones and sweets 

And as usual already special thanks to Fernando Cortijo and his family for their invaluable efforts and the organization.  

LimaEasy's Social Engagement 2012 - Niños del Rio, Rimac, Lima

Thanks to small donations made to LimaEasy by countless people over the past year we were able to assist the Franco-Peruvian association Niños del Rio who supports street children in Lima. We donated about 15 boxes full of clothes, shoes, blankets, ... to this remarkable project.

LimaEasy's Social Engagement 2010 - Institución Educativa F. Belaúnde Terry, Chorrillos, Lima

Additionally to LimaEasy's yearly "chocolatada" in a poor area in the district of Ate-Vitarte with gifts and small necessities for the kids, this year we supported a "colegio humilde" (a "humble school"), the Institución Educativa Fernando Belaúnde Terry in Los Cedros de Villa, Chorrillos. LimaEasy donated stationery for the children, so we could diminish at least part of the costs for the families incurred each year.

Thanks to various donations made to LimaEasy and a big clear out of our children's book shelves we were also able to improve the really poor school's library.

Our thanks go to the parents of the 1st and 7th grade of the German class of the Colegio Alexander von Humboldt that generously donated numerous books. And as each year a special thank you to Fernando and Miguel Cortijo and their family who organized the event with us and helped to select the location.

LimaEasy's Social Engagement 2009 - Ate Vitarte, Lima

We did it again. As in the past years we managed to get a couple of things together helping some kids and their families in Ate-Vitarte (one of the poorer districts of Lima) - just before Christmas with food, clothes and presents.

Our thanks go to all the volunteers who helped again on this occasion and especially to Fernando Cortijo and his family who organized the event with us and helped to select the location.

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