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PeruDental is one of the leaders in dental care in Lima and provides a complete service for absolutely any dental need you may have. This brand new dental clinic is equipped with state of the art digital technology and only specialist doctors who all speak English. The clinic and doctors are well prepared to not only treat residents, but visitors as well.

From the moment you contact Peru Dental they guarantee an exceptional dental experience.

Treatments and Services

Dr. Enrique Yuen, a specialist cosmetic and restorative family dentist, and his team of dental professionals in the areas of implantology, orthodontics, cosmetic and family dentistry have the answer and right treatment for all your dental needs.

PeruDental clinic

The front desk at the brand new clinic of PeruDental

PeruDental waiting room

The calm and welcoming waiting room at PeruDental

PeruDental's green treatment room

In PeruDental's green treatment room maxilofacial specialist surgeon perform lots of surgeries.

PeruDental's yellow treatment room

PeruDental's yellow unit is one of 5 digitally optinmized treatment rooms.

PeruDental: dialog between patient and dentist

Time for each patient and an informative dialog are an important part of PeruDental's service


PeruDental provides first class dental services complying with US / European standards

  • Simple fillings, check-ups and family care
  • Cosmetic smile makeover
  • Replacing silver amalgam fillings for white restorations
  • Root canal treatment
  • Single appointment Cerec 3D CAD/CAM porcelain restorations including crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays and onlays
  • Upper and lower direct veneers with a minimal amount of tooth reduction
  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafts
  • Sinus lift (sinus augmentation)
  • Specialist orthodontics and Invisalign teeth straightening

PeruDental: re-alignment using veneers

Before and after picture of a classic case of slight re-alignment using veneers performed by Peru Dental's specialists

PeruDental: complete dental makeover

Before and after picture of a complete makeover including upper and lower crowns performed by PeruDental

PeruDental: dental implant

Before and after picture of a single upper side dental implant performed by PeruDental

PeruDental: orthodontic treatments

Traditional braces versus Invisalign orthodontics - PeruDental gives you a wide range of options

PeruDental also offers the following additional treatments and services

  • 45 minute teeth whitening
  • Guaranteed sensitivity reduction for those who have sensitive teeth
  • Cosmetic gum and teeth contouring
  • Specialized hygiene treatments for smokers and tea & coffee drinkers with professional un-staining
  • HealOzone tooth decay treatment in 20 seconds!
  • Computerized anesthetic system for optimal patient comfort
  • High resolution digital camera for Before & After shots of your new smile
  • Snoring appliances (ideal birthday and Christmas gifts!)


PeruDental has digitally optimized treatment rooms, each with state of the art dental technology and even in-chair entertainment. The clinic is equipped with the very latest devices in dental technology including whisper quiet drills, computer aided root canal treatment with Apex Locator technology, high precision lasers for gum contouring, instant periapical x-rays with the NomadPro system and a state of the art high resolution 2D & 3D digital full mouth x-ray system called Orthophos XG3D. This system gives the patient the highest precision, longest lasting treatment possibilities with perfectly natural looking final results.

PeruDental: dental implant

PeruDental's specilist dentists use state of the art technology and the very latest techniques to ensure the best possible results, not only with dental implants

PeruDental: high resolution 2D & 3D digital x-ray system

The state of the art high resolution 2D & 3D digital full mouth x-ray system used by PeruDental gives patients the highest precision, longest lasting treatment possibilities with perfect results.

PeruDental: one visit solutions

The Cerec systems allows the specialist dentists of PeruDental to do all ceramic dental restorations in just one visit.

PeruDental: 3D imaging

3D imaging shows things never seen before, allowing 100% accuracy in treatment planning

PeruDental: before & after images

PeruDental's professional studio for before & after photos

3D imaging shows things never seen before, allowing 100% accuracy in treatment planning and even placing virtual implants or other treatments directly into the x-ray image.

State of the art technology and the very latest techniques are used to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. And for nervous and anxious patients (adults and youngsters) all treatments can also be performed under individually adjusted sedation.

The Team of PeruDental

PeruDental has specialist dentists in every dental field including cosmetic and restorative dentistry, implantology, surgical, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, ... you name it, they do it! All doctors speak as well English, meet international dentistry standards and have earned a reputation for excellence as they specialize in all types of dentistry while providing a particular focus on aesthetic smile makeover design and dental implants.

PeruDental on National TV

PeruDental was recently featured on prime time, national TV which showed the PeruDental clinic and the technology that they use in order to give the patients an A1+ experience from start to finish.


PeruDental is legal and correctly certified. 

They carry full, up to date operational licenses from the Ministry of Health and from the local authorities in Lima. The clinic is licensed under number 20544487672.

Location Map

PeruDental's location map as downloadable pdf document: pdfPeruDental Location Map

General Info

Street: Calle Monterrey 355, 4th floor, Chacarilla
District: Santiago de Surco
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 202-2222 (Ext. 215)


#LimaEasy2013-08-15 22:32
50% Discount for the Month August 2013
After highlighting PeruDental (one of our first partners in our Medical Tourism section) on our Facebook page the feedback was so positive that Lloyd Andrew Hannis the Office Manager at responded and came up with a great discount for the month of August. To claim the 50% discount on their cleaning and hygiene pack (valid for the month of August 2013) you have to just mention LimaEasy when contacting them!
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#LimaEasy2013-09-04 20:52
Special Offer for September 2013
For the month of September 2013 PeruDental has a very special offer which is 2 x 1 on Teeth Whitening with professional Zoom 3, Advanced Power! Whiter teeth in just 1 hour? You bet! This is only valid for LimaEasy readers and you must mention LimaEasy when first contacting them at: Tel: 202 2222 (Ext 215) or lloyd[at]perudental[dot]com
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#Brett2014-06-06 08:20
Excellent, loved it. I hate dental anything and this was great. Comfortable, space age technology, and quite affordable if you're from the USA.
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#Eleanor S. Lee2015-06-30 11:00
With the outmost commitment of every dental professional every patient always receive the best solution for their dental problems.
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