Emergency Hospital Jose Casimiro Ulloa

Emergency Hospital Jose Casimiro UlloaEmergency Hospital Jose Casimiro Ulloa
Emergency Trauma Hospital

Emergency Hospital Jose Casimiro Ulloa

Very good public emergency trauma hospital

General Info

Street: Av. Roosevelt 6355
Info: (also called Av. Panama!)
District: Miraflores
City: Lima
Region: Lima
Phone: (+511) 204-0900


#Abe A.2015-08-04 13:13
Not that good. Average at best. I went there to accompany a friend of mine that experienced head trauma when falling through a tragaluz. He laid unconscious in the trauma room for 7 Hrs until the "specialist" came in. It was really too late by then. He had severe bleeding/swelling and had to undergo an emergency surgery to relieve the pressure. Needless to say he passed away two days later under their care. No bedside manners, tact, remorse, nor care for the body after passing away. Getting status updates from the Dr. or personnel were treated as if I was asking for a favor :( If possible, avoid this hospital in its entirety. I know I will! This is just my sad yet honest personal experience.
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