Don't expect Alcoholic Beverages to be served

The mayor for metropolitan Lima, Susana Villarán, was actually known for wanting to „clean up" the city, fight corruption and trying to solve Lima's chaotic traffic situation. Seems she got on the wrong side of some people. After a months-long smear campaign for alleged inefficiency and corruption Susana Villarán had to face a recall referendum in March 2013. While she survived the attempt to drive her out of office, 22 of the 40 city council members, including the deputy mayor weren't so lucky.

For this reason this Sunday, 24th of November 2013 we have municipal elections in Lima to fill the "vacant" seats.

For visitors, tourists and foreigners living in Peru it's probably strange, but 48 hours before elections until noon of the day after the elections it's prohibited to sell or serve alcoholic beverages. This so called Ley Seca, kind of an alcohol prohibition limited to the election time, intends to prevent voting under the influence and drunken brawls in case the results aren't as hoped.

So this means this weekend from Friday the 22nd 12.00 am until Monday 25th 12.00 pm you can't buy alcoholic beverages anywhere in Lima and won't be served alcohol in restaurants, bars, discothèques, cafés.

People who can't live without during this time should hurry up and do what most Peruvians do: Stock up until today 11.59 pm. and party at home this weekend.