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Refreshing Pisco based Cocktail (alcoholic)

The Chilcano (or also known as Chilanito) is a traditional Peruvian cocktail based on Pisco (grape brandy). The Chilcano has lately become very popular and can be found in nearly every bar and restaurant in the country. References mentioning the drink date back to the early twentieth century. In Peru every year the Chilcano is celebrated with a week dedicated to the cocktail where variations with different fruit juices or soft drinks are presented.

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Business Guide for Peru

New content in our Business Guide

Due to many requests and inquiries to business related subjects we started expanding our "Business Guide for Lima & Peru". New interesting and informative topics include include a "Country Risk and Investment Grade", "Company & Corporation Types in Peru" and "How to set up a Company or Corporation in Peru".

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New S/. 100 Nuevos Soles Banknote in Circulation

In the continuous fight against counterfeit bills, the Peruvian National Bank issued a "new" S /. 100 banknote (circulation started on the 18th of December 2013). However, the only visible change is the vertical "100" value which is now finer in details and printed like on the previous bills with OVI technology (OVI = Optically Variable Ink).

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LimaEasy on the Go!

A picture is worth a thousand words... – So what about a video?

It is so difficult to describe a place adequately and even when including some pictures it's not "alive". As part of an experiment we created "LimaEasy on the Go" that will show selected places in Lima as video sequences.

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Tourist Climate Guide for Peru (by Senamhi)

 A great source for information when travelling to Peru

Many times we are getting questions from our visitor on how the weather will be in a specific region of the country during their visit. This is a difficult question to answer as the climate of Peru is incredible diverse, with a large variety of climates and microclimates, including 28 of the 32 world climates.

A very good example for the presence of a multitude of microclimates is the capital Lima itself. There are big differences between the districts directly on the coast and those that are further away to the east (detailed information to this topic can be found on our Weather & Climate info for Lima).

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An Architectural and Landscape Guide for Lima & Callao

Lima is one of the great metropolises of Latin America

We have dedicated much of our content to the great architecture of the Peruvian Capital (historical buildings, churches, huacas, city squares...). Today we would like to share a great publication: An Architectural and Landscape Guide for Lima & Callao.

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Wealth and Pride Coin - Arte Textil Paracas

A new Piece of Art issued by the Peruvian Central Bank

The Peruvian Central Bank continues to spread the rich cultural heritage of the country by regularly issuing beautiful new coins within the "Wealth and Pride Numismatic Series". Yesterday already the 14th coin of this series has been put into circulation; this time paying homage to the Paracas Culture, an important pre-Inca civilization that inhabited the area of Paracas in today's southern Peru.

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Peruvian Market and Street Food

The Great Popular Cuisine (published by edelnor)

As most of our frequent visitors know we have an absolute dedication to Peruvian food and try to share our passion by frequently publishing new temptations with home tested recipes.

There are some great pages out there promoting the Peruvian Cuisine but sometimes the recipes focus more on the "Cuisine" part then on what in reality the Peruvian kitchen stands for: Great ingredients combined in a delicious way and mostly easily prepared.

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Alfajores - A Peruvian Temptation

Powdery Cookies filled with Manjar Blanco

Alfajores are surely one of the most popular cookies in Peru. The sweet sensation of two fine, almost powdery cookies nicely filled with just the right amount of creamy Manjar Blanco (Dulce de Leche) melting in the mouth is just absolutely delicious and addicting.

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La Anchoveta, El Cacao & La Quinua

Numismatic Series "Natural Resources of Peru"

Peru is a country with a variety of natural resources. To highlight three of the most important ones the Central Reserve Bank of Peru issued a small Numismatic Series named "Recursos Naturales del Perú" – "Natural Resources of Peru". Motives for the coins are the Anchovy, Cacao and Quinoa.

The new coins are also legal tender and are not thought to be a replacement for the current S /. 1.00 coins. The coins will circulate simultaneously and can be used in any transaction.

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