Museums in Lima

Museums in Lima

Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical and cultural past. Long before the Common Era until the arrival of the Spaniards numerous highly advanced cultures settled the area of today's Lima. Even nowadays they amaze us with their complex skills in construction, agriculture and arts. The Spanish colonists added to this legendary cultural legacy. This completely different culture with European and Moorish influences are mixed with the indigenous cultural and religious inheritance. In the last couple of hundred years immigrants from Africa and Asia added their part.

The fusion of so many different cultures and traditions makes Lima to what it is today. A reflection of this complexity can be found in an incredible number of museums spread around the city. They display the richness and diverse facets of Lima's and Peru's culture. There is something for everyone: archaeological, cultural and historical museums, art and popular art museums, museums dedicated to famous Peruvian personalities, technology and military museums, natural history and earth science museums and many others.

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The Bible Museum

The "Museo de la Biblia" shows a collection of photos and replicas of the Bible. Special attention is given to the history of the Bible, their authors and translators and the printing methods.

Museum Marina Nuñez del Prado

The Sculptress Maria Nuñez del Prado always wished, that her work can not only be seen by a distinguished audience at an exhibition. For that reason "The Garden of Sculptures Museum" (a house with a big garden just at the Parque El Olivar in San Isidro) was opened in 1986. In eight areas the pieces of the artist are presented to everybody interested.

Planetarium and Observatory Museum Morro Solar

Limas planetarium houses an interesting museum for all fascinated in this particular topic. The museum is very proud of its aerolites recovered from Morro Solar. On display also antique and modern scientific instruments like stelescopes, meteorological models and photos. Additionally a projection of the celestial movements and videos are shown.

Archaeological Museum Victoria Chi Fu de Lam

The Archaeological Museum of the Chinese Peruvian School Juan XXIII exhibits around 500 pieces, donated by Jorge Lam in memory of his wife Victoria Chi Fu de Lam. The collection includes mugs, jars, bottles and plates with typical motives from the Chancay, Huari, Chimu, Lambayeque, Vicus, Moche and Nazca cultures. The museum is also the proud owner of a mummy bundle and eight textiles from the Chancay culture.

Entomology Museum Klaus Raven Büller

The museum was founded in 1962 on initiative of Dr. Klaus Raven Büller to collect reference samples of the diverse flora and fauna Peru has to offer. Today the Entomology Museum is home to a remarkable collection of various insects that reflect the manifoldness of Peru’s nature. The exhibition hall only showcases a fraction of the actual collection; the rest is stored in special cases for proper conversation.

65 results - showing 61 - 6512345