The Top Peruvian Companies

The Top Peruvian Companies

Our listing of big Peruvian companies and international enterprises located in Peru contains over 1000 businesses from all important sectors like Agriculture, Beverages, Chemicals, Construction, Education, Energy, Fishing, Food, Health, Hydrocarbons, Industry, Laboratories, Minerals, Mining, Publishing, Rubber, Plastics, Telecom, Radio, TV, Textiles, Tourism, Wholesaler and finally Retailer. Peru is a country rich in natural resources. It has forests, minerals, oil, fish, farmland and deserts, mountains and rivers. Throughout the Peruvian history these natural resources have been the main key for the international economy.

It was our priority to finally get the new version of LimaEasy online, but unfortunately there was no time left to finish the Top Peruvian Companies Section. There have been many changes and we are currently updating the information. As soon we have eliminated a couple of other "little" issues we'll have this ready for you...

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The Top Peruvian Companies

The Top Peruvian CompaniesThe Top Peruvian Companies


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